Vinay Kumar

I am a male, mid-40s, with a Ph.D. in Mathematics. I live in California, USA. I am keenly interested in Bharatiya affairs, and spend too much of my time reading/watching events in Kashmir (among other issues facing the Bharatiya Union)


The Secularization Of Hindu Tragedies

I want to discuss the ‘filmi’ rendering of the recent Amarnath tragedy—where Hindu pilgrims were murdered by a group of Jihadi terrorists in a state where Islamism has taken deep…

Kashmiriyat Amarnath massacre

Kashmiriyat Is Alive And Well

I am speaking of the “true” Kashmiriyat.  Not the “filmi” kind which is as real as the rabbit on the face of the moon.  The true Kashmiriyat is that which…

Veer Jawan

एक जाट वीर जवान की जुबानी

मेरे एक करीबी मित्र अभी भारत से लौटे जहाँ उनकी जाट रेजिमेंट के एक जवान से मुलाक़ात हुई थी | वह जवान कश्मीर के कूपवाड़ा में अपनी पोस्टिंग से अभी…

Veer Jawan

A Jat Veer Jawan Speaks

A close friend of mine just returned from Bharat, where he spoke to a Jawan of the Jat regiment who had just returned from a posting in Kupwara, Kashmir.  The…