black money Demonetisation

Is Demonetisation a Success or a Failure?

One thing the Demonetisation (DM) announced by PM on 8 November 2016 has done – it has made a large number of people pretend to be economists and experts. Political opposition has been vociferous from Day…

BJP's support base Traders

BJP taking on its support base?

One less talked about thing about GST is that @narendramodi has taken on traders, said to be BJP support base, who want to evade taxes. — HindolSengupta (@HindolSengupta) July 3,…

RTE for dummies

RTE for dummies

People are worried – aloo, tamatar price increased by double in 10 years, but why has school fee increased by 3-4 times? Well, you don’t pay RTE (Right to Education)…