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Hindus are facing severe human rights violations all over the world. These violations occur in various forms like religious persecution, religious cleansing, targeted riots, murder, sexual violence, physical assaults, hate crimes, hate speech, legal & racial discrimination, forced conversion, cultural assaults etc. Many Hindus remain ignorant about these violations as they are often sidelined in mainstream media, thus allowing concerned governments to get away with an apathetic response.

HinduPost is attempting to remedy the situation by building a database of human rights violation of Hindus across the world. The project is huge, and envisioned as a community driven effort. We need the active participation of informed Hindus around the world to submit any news of such violations through this form. Or send us your report at our email id

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1/13/2016 22:39:10DiscriminationDiscrimination in PakistanPakistanSeveral regions in Pakistan1/13/2016Many of the Pakistani Hindus claimed that they don't want to stay in Pakistan anymore because they are facing huge heap of discrimination on the basis of religion there. They are being treated like slaves.
Many of them complained that the Hindus there are not being allowed to touch anything in the market areas, even they are facing injustice in the prices of the items. Many of them has said that Pakistani Hindus get shooed away from the water taps whenever they approached to drink it from there.
Khema bai, a Hindu woman from Sindh said they are not getting paid for working on the farm lands.
Not only this the Hindus are so much scared because it is becoming a very common trend there, daughters of Hindu's has been kidnapped, sexually abused and forcibly converted into Islam.
As per the BBC reports 'Thar Express' brings 10-20 Hindus every week and not only one of them are ready to go back on Pakistani lands. Apart from that most of the migrants from Pakistan are suffering from getting their Indian citizenship. Recently many of them started to protest at Jantar Mantar road. They are saying that if Adan sami could successfully get the Indian citizenship then why can't us. Even they are also having allegations that many of the Bangladeshi migrants get their citizenship are now enjoying the each and every basic facilities in India.
The migrants from Pakistan also said that they are facing serious issues in the enrolment of their children into schools as because the schools wants the permanent citizenship of India. According to them VIP(s) are on the top of the priority list and only they becoming able to successfully get the citizenship. The SLS reported that now the Pakistani Hindus who want the Indian citizenship are mostly 'Dalits'.