Mumbai Girl Alleges Harassment In Revenge For Exposing Corruption

A girl named Sapna Sandhu, living in a housing society in Navi Mumbai has alleged that she is facing ongoing harassment by various people involved ever since her father, Amar Singh Sandhu exposed corruption and fought obscenity going on in the housing society. She has alleged that she has been abused & threatened publicly, and her modesty was outraged ( by 6 people and 2 more connected) in full public view in the housing society in 2015, but half of the culprits are still on the run. She has alleged that policemen are slow in taking action and waiting for case to get diluted .When the molesters repeated second time, investigation officer destroyed video proof which she had handed over to him with blind trust. Now she says that police is denying they ever received any complaint by her in the year 2015.

As per her statement :

‘I am an Amritdhari Sikhini with Kirpan on my shoulder since 2011 from Vikroli Gurudwara Sahib near the station, I have been fighting all harassment and now along with migraine, I am also suffering from Mixed Anxiety Depression. I cannot take the molestation incident lightly that happened to me in front of all public. My religious oath of not cutting the hair through my lifetime after becoming khalsa panthi -Amritdhari was broken, due to this Divekar Family. They even mocked my rituals of offering water to Sun and oil to peepal tree. I was humiliated, insulted by words like CHONDI, SARDAR KE BAJ GAYE BARAH, etc, comments like insulting my Kirpan caste and after the incident tagging us to Khalistan Gurudwara. These incidents have hurt my religious sentiments!

First they attacked my father and made him 90% handicapped, next they molested me, third they filed 6 false cases against all of our family members including me and my mother (who has nothing to do with the society members) taking false signatures of 85 members, also used corrupt corporator and taunted, arrested politicians letter head for filing complaints.

Now only left out is my brother.

My family in under threat that this Divekar family, will add their backward class rona dhona (that they are Ambedkaris) to add more weight to their bogus complaint against my family which they previously also had done & I have made complaint to Mr. Kadam, Rabale police station earlier also (can produce call record of conversation). They keep disappearing after I have followed the case diligently.

My family is fighting single-handedly against the corrupt office bearers and the molester Divekar family.’

The girl alleges that it all started long back when his father had filed a complaint that adult films were being shown on local cable TV and the police had seized all the material. Then her father was attacked in 2011, after he asked receipt of 70000 rs. he paid for extension of room . She alleges that no one got receipt, OC & CC. NMMC chief Mr Tukaram Munde ji is on a demolishing drive of all illegal construction in town , and the extension is also illegal if they cannot produce any supportive documents in spite of all amount of money paid, documents are not given even after 18 years.  She says :

Bhosale had given alcohol to boys ( illiterate and unemployed ) of youth club of society to beat my father in his 75+ age, the attack rendered him severely handicapped . All 12 are charged with attempt of murder and now facing criminal trial at criminal court. He had Filed 6 bogus cases against my family, and made bogus signatures and submitted in court to prove his complaint that ‘Amar Singh Sandhu is harrassing all marathis’.’

The girl is alleging that she has been severely harassed as revenge for her father’s efforts to expose corruption and maintain discipline, also new ways to harass her family are being invented every day. She also alleges that her case is being delayed by some police people. Her final words:

In my molestation case, charge-sheet is filed only on 2, rest 4 are free without charge-sheet on them. (2 more connected bhosale and guzar, wrote fake-history of my family on the stolen society letter head and were about to distribute to each of 96 flat owners of society and silently started signature champing on stolen letter head of society and submit it in police station so as to protect Divekar family and defame me easily . These two bhosale-guzar thought  they could easily protect my molesters and hide their face without getting traced out. But few members opposed signing and informed us, and the whole plan of guzar and bhosale got exposed ).  FIR registered after 16 months. Why so delay? And now that I have all the proofs, they are crying that we are backward class marathis. Am I not a minority? I should be protected under the provisions of National Commission For Minorities’.

If the allegations are true, incidents like this show how sometimes criminal minded people use politicized identities to hide their deeds. Rather than divide themselves into camps, all Dharmics should stand together against injustice and for Bharat.

(Sapna Sandhu can be contacted through her email –  [email protected] )

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