March 2016

Indian Railways Prabhu

Indian Railways: Vision 2020 and beyond

An attempt is made in this article to discuss the key aspects of the Indian railways budget 2016-17 and compare the same with the vision 2020 document (prepared in 2009)…

Polytheism Soul Ram Mandir Ayodhya

The Battle for Polytheisms’ Soul?

Polytheisms today are religions under siege. We live in a very different world from our polytheistic ancestors. We are an occupied people. Our world is doggedly, demonstrably, and sometimes violently monotheistic.

JNU Cesspool Bastar Molests

From Seat Of Learning To Cesspool of Sedition

The row in ‘prestigious’ JNU has subsided. What makes it prestigious? In forty-six years of its life, it did not produce a single Nobel laureate, a single outstanding inventor, scientist…


Nuclear Security Summit and South Asia

In his speech in Prague in 2009, President Obama touched on an important subject for the first time. He talked about security against nuclear terror, meaning securing nuclear arsenals against…

Raju hacked to death

Hindu Leader K Raju Hacked To Death In Mysuru

A Hindu activist, Kyathemaranahalli Raju (37), who also happened to be a BJP leader, was brutally hacked to death in Mysuru on Sunday. It is said that Raju was standing…