August 2016

Hindu Dharma Emphasizes Values

Why Values are Central to Hindu Dharma

Sanatana Dharma’s expression has been morphing with times. The great rishis of the yore have predicted the impact of yugas (time) over the values followed in each yuga. Bhagavatam gives…

Rajya Sabha debates J&K Kashmir

Rajya Sabha Debates Kashmir

Rajya Sabha members spiritedly debated the current unrest in Kashmir. Members drawn from various political parties gave vent to views that reflected party standpoint on ground situation. Though the views…

State Power

Does the Right in Bharat Understand State Power?

The Right in Bharat, namely the Hindutvavadis, are used to being called all sorts of names by their opponents (I am personally a very proud Hinduvavadi, and a senior office…


Politicization Of Bulandshahr Rape Case

The Bulandshahr rape case has taken ugly political turns as the victims who suffered excessive trauma because of gang rape and extortion seem to have been cornered by the UP…

Mohenjo Daro

Rajiv Malhotra analyzes Mohenjo Daro the movie

I examine the movie ‘MOHENJO DARO’: What is true and false about its depictions of history. What are the social-political implications. How to watch it for entertainment as well as education….