A for Adam, B for Bible, teaches SD Eaden Matriculation school at Cuddalore in Tamil Nadu

SD Eaden Matriculation Higher Secondary School at Vadalur in Cuddalore district in Tamil Nadu has invited a controversy as the English handbooks were seen promoting Christianity.

As reported by the Tamil News channel, Polimer News, the English handbooks distributed to the students has texts, A for Adam, B for Bible, C for Christ, I for Immanuel, J for Jesus and so on. Allegedly, the students are also being trained daily to write these sentences.

Reportedly, a complaint was lodged by the parents with the district education officer as the school turned down the requests of parents.

When the headmistress of SD Eden school, Sukhrita was inquired about this allegation, she explained that it was an unintentional mistake and that the controversial sentences in the handbook had been torn out from all the students’ manuals. However, this explanation seemed to be fake as reported by Polimer News.

The schools run by the Christian Missionaries in Tamil Nadu are often seen exercising its religious propaganda to its Hindu students. There were also been incidents where girl students were punished for wearing flowers and bindi or sindhoor.

(This article was first published on kathirtimes.com on August 9, 2019 and has been reproduced here in full.)

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