Aman Gupta

Political Editor, Samast Bharat magazine

Modi should not succumb to another opposition ploy

Margaret Thatcher the former PM of Great Britain won the “Iron lady” accolade for standing tall against the labour party and others opposing the labour law reforms introduced by her….


The Gupkar Alliance Of Anti-Nationals

The Abdullahs and the Muftis who have been lying low because of their royal incarceration commonly called house arrest have immediately started their anti-Bharat rant after their release. The Gupkar…

The ‘House of Elders’ hits a new nadir

Nothing can justify the chimpanzee like behaviour of opposition MPs in the House of elders which now seems a misnomer to describe the Upper House of Parliament after the disgraceful…


Best time to tame China militarily

Treacherous and hegemonic China needs to be dealt with militarily rather than diplomatically as it only understands the language of muscle power. The Doklam stand-off in 2017 was one such…