B.N.V. Parthasarathi

Ex Senior Banker, Management and Financial Consultant, Visiting faculty at premier B Schools and Universities. E mail- [email protected]

Acche Din

Glimpses of Acche Din at the End of the Tunnel in 2019

Bharat’s economy is now getting into vicious cycle of delayed and stalled mega projects- NPA-led dip in bank profitability- weaker bank balance sheets- decline in incremental bank credit. Cost escalation…

Universe Meditation

You Are the Universe

Antarmukha samaaradhya bahirmukha sudurlabha (One who looks inward and meditates will realize the spirit of goddess, whereas one who searches for the divine spirit externally, even though he performs several…

Economic Legacy of Congress

Legacy of the Past: A Complex Economic Puzzle

I partly differ with Mr. P. Chidambaram’s views in his article – ‘Across the aisle: Clueless in New Delhi’, written in The Indian Express on 17th September, 2017. The credit…

Bully China Doklam Dhume

China’s Road to Doklam – A No Entry Zone

China made wrong calculations in trying to encroach into Doklam assuming Bharat would keep quiet. The point is Bhutan is not prepared to allow Chinese intrusion in Doklam due to…


Logistics- Bharat’s Road to Prosperity

Bharat’s road network of 33 lakh KMs is the second largest in the world. National highways constitute just 1.7% of the total road network but carry about 40% of the…


Rejoinder To Steve Forbes Article On Demonetization

This is a rejoinder to the Steve Forbes article What India Has Done To Its Money Is Sickening And Immoral which terms demonetization as immoral. Bharat has 6,40,867 villages ( 2011 census)…