Dr. David Frawley

Dr. David Frawley, D.Litt (Pandit Vamadeva Shastri) is the Director of American Institute of Vedic Studies (www.vedanet.com). He is a renowned Yoga, Ayurveda and Jyotish Teacher. He is also a Padma Bhushan awardee and author of 'Shiva, the Lord of Yoga' and over thirty other books.


Devi Durga : Bharat Mata as the World Mother

Since ancient Vedic times, Bharat has been regarded by its people as a sacred land, the very land of the Devi or Divine Mother. The subcontinent geographically is shaped like…


Devi Durga is No Myth or Superstition

Maa Durga is the ultimate iconic form, present in every expression, movement and mood, natural and supernatural. Bharat is the land of the Divine Mother, honouring her wonderful names, forms…


Mantra, Concentration and Meditation

Concentration and Meditation To reach the meditative state, concentration is required first. A scattered, distracted, and inattentive mind cannot truly meditate, even if one sits silently for long periods of…

Bhuloka Vaikuntha Murti

Idols and Icons: Why Murti Should Be Used Instead

Representational Forms in Religious Worship Most of the religions and spiritual traditions of the world – with the general exception of Protestant Christians, Muslims and Jews – use images, representational…

Missionary Assault Missionaries

The Missionary Assault on Hindu Dharma

Christianity today accepts freedom of religion only at a political level, rejecting the state suppression of other religions that it promoted through most of its history. Yet at a metaphysical…