Dr. Hilda Raja

Dr. Hilda Raja was a PG level professor at Stella Maris College, Chennai. Post retirement, she worked with many NGOs and as a Development Consultant. She was nominated on the Advisory Committe of the CBCI (Catholic Bishops Conference of India ) for three years. Having studied throughout in Minority Institutions and reared in a Christian ethos, she is fully convinced that the Hindu soul is secular and Hindu Dharma is totally misunderstood by other religions. For her, Bharat and all that it holds is sacred.

Indian Secularism

Secularism as principle and practice

According to Shashi Tharoor, ‘secularism as principle and practice in India is in danger’ (published in The Times of India dated November 2, 2020) I must add thanks to his…

Rahul Gandhi Absurd Dynasty

Curse of Having a Dynasty Regime

One shudders to think if Rahul Gandhi ever becomes the PM – Bharat will be cited in the hall of shame. I just cannot imagine a man who is going…

Rahul Gandhi Absurd Dynasty

Congress in Gujarat – Theatre of the Absurd

It seems that the Congress has lost its sense when one hears and sees what its spokespersons are reeling out. Under the ‘damage control’ of the soft Hindutva which Rahul…


Mersal – Storm in a Tea Cup

The film ‘Mersal’ has created a real storm. Of late there is a kind of thinking and functioning that one can utter falsehoods / lies under the garb of free…

Fali Nariman

My take on ‘Lest we crawl’ by Fali Nariman

This is my take on the article ‘Lest we crawl’ in The Indian Express dated 25th March by Fali Nariman. There are some contradictions in the article – on one side…

Rahul Gandhi Absurd Dynasty

Rahul Gandhi – The Loose Cannon

When Rahul Gandhi accuses Narendra Modi of ‘personal corruption’ one must not be shocked – because RG always makes wild false charges when he opens his mouth. He says Modi…