K.N. Pandita

Shri K.N. Pandita is the former Director of the Centre for Central Asian Studies, Kashmir University.

Kashmiriyat Amarnath massacre

Massacre of Swami Amarnath Cave pilgrims

Pilgrims anywhere in the world are the messengers of peace. They undertake pilgrimages to seek inner peace for themselves and for the world at large.  Shame on Theo-fascists, shame on…

Rajya Sabha debates J&K Kashmir

Rajya Sabha Debates Kashmir

Rajya Sabha members spiritedly debated the current unrest in Kashmir. Members drawn from various political parties gave vent to views that reflected party standpoint on ground situation. Though the views…

Elusive "Peace" in J&K, Back to Square One

Kashmir Back to Square One

For more than a year now Pakistan’s credibility with the Americans is on its downward slide. Even the buddies of Pakistani Generals at the Pentagon have begun to look away. The…

Political Understatement of Mehbooba Mufti

Antics of political understatement

Mehbooba Mufti’s statement on the militant attack on the BSF convoy in Bejbehara, Kashmir resulting in the killing of three jawans and wounding seven others is a classical example of…

ISIS Molenbeek

Is ISIS Closing in on Europe?

In October 1993, I was in Brussels attending the Socialist Group of European Parliament’s seminar on Kashmir. Dr. Farooq Abdullah and Prof. Bhim Singh were also there. A group from…


Nuclear Security Summit and South Asia

In his speech in Prague in 2009, President Obama touched on an important subject for the first time. He talked about security against nuclear terror, meaning securing nuclear arsenals against…