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Jallikattu Conspiracy Bharatiya Identity

Jallikattu: A vilified sport

Jallikattu also known as Eruthazhuvuthal is a sporting event held mainly in the villages of Tamil Nadu as a part of Pongal (Sankranthi) celebrations. It involves a group of people…


Battle of Colachel: A Forgotten Hindu victory

Travancore, a small Kingdom in the southern tip of Bharatvarsha has the pride of standing up for Dharma against various invasions. It is the first Kingdom of Asia to have…

Cheraman Perumal Kerala Hindus

Cheraman Perumal – A Story Of Lies

The Cheraman Juma Masjid at Kodungallur, glorified by the moslems of Kerala as the most ancient mosque of the world barring Mecca is claimed to be the built by the…

Rajarshi of Cochin

Rajarshi of Cochin – A Misunderstood Dharmika

Rama Varma XV, fondly known as Rajarshi, was the Maharaja of Cochin from 1895-1914. He was an efficient administrator and an excellent scholar. Recently when a controversy came up regarding…

Sabarimala temple

Sabarimala and its Practices

Sabarimala is a Hindu pilgrimage centre located in the Pathanamthitta district of Kerala. It has around 100 million devotees visiting every year. The temple is situated amidst 18 hills on a hilltop at an altitude of 1260 m…

Sabarimala temple

Temple Management and Government: The Reality

Temples have always had their important place in the history of Bharat. They served not only as places of worship but also as economic centers. The income from the temples…