Professor R Vaidyanathan

Prof R. Vaidyanathan: Cho. S Ramaswamy Visiting Chair Professor of Public Policy SASTRA University & Professor IIM-B[Rtd]

black money Demonetisation

Is Demonetisation a Success or a Failure?

One thing the Demonetisation (DM) announced by PM on 8 November 2016 has done – it has made a large number of people pretend to be economists and experts. Political opposition has been vociferous from Day…


Mobiles may make banks extinct

The mobile phone is now being used for small-time financial activities, such as information on prices, billing settlements, etc. We have service providers like Air Tel/Jio providing internet-based TV channels…

Big Banks

The Craze for Big Banks

Now the clamor is for big, bigger and biggest. Particularly in the banking sector. After the merger of subsidiaries with SBI, there is a talk of merging other banks. The…


The Rise and Fall of Globalisation

Throughout the seventies and eighties, globalization [the ‘G’ word] of manufacturing facilities, i.e. Product Markets, was the trend. The anecdotal evidence often told in many a business school classrooms used to…

Black Money

Dealing with Domestic Black Money

  Black money has two aspects – domestic and international. These two are interlinked at some level but can be tackled separately. In Bharat, domestic black money is large and it…


Brexit And End of Globalisation?

When Britain voted to leave EU [called British Exit—or Brexit] the Dutch Prime minister Mark Rutte said “England has collapsed politically, constitutionally and economically” [Financial Times, 29-06-2016] The vote by…