Ramaharitha Pusarla

Ramaharitha Pusarla is a molecular biologist by training living in New Delhi. She is an active blogger, avid reader and passionately curious about latest developments in the World. She writes on foreign affairs, contemporary issues, politics, environment, travelogues, sports, and science. She has contributed articles to various newspapers, magazines and websites.

Assembly Elections

Unravelling Gujarat Assembly Elections

The much-awaited assembly elections results for the states of Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh went in favor of BJP. With this latest electoral triumph, the tally of the BJP ruled states…


Time to be Tough with China

Even before the ink of the Goa declaration dried, Chinese made a drastic U-turn in striking down Prime Minister Modi’s reference to Pakistan as “Mothership of terror”. By glaringly hyphenating…

Propitious Beginnings: Make In India Week

Last week, while the main stream media of Bharat passionately indulged in abrasive debates around nationalism, Make in India Week (MII) of Mumbai held from Feb 13th to 18th was…