Rati Hegde

Rati Hegde is a freelance journalist based in Mumbai.

Jan Gan Man

Refusal to sing Jan Gan Man

A little boy was once asked by some people to show the person he thought was the most beautiful woman in the world. He showed them his Mother. To him…

Cow Protection Cow Slaughter Animal Lives Matter Gau Sewa Gau Rakshaks

Cow and New Age ‘Spiritual’ Hindus

Most of the problems of the world are because less than 10% of the world control 100% of the resources of the world. And these 10% people believe in the…

indic academy

Overcoming Caste Barriers

It is said that the Caste System was imposed more harshly upon us by the Muslims & Britishers and that earlier it was not so bad. Before the Muslims and British ruled Bharat,…

Questioning in Hindu Dharma

Questioning in Hindu Dharma

A video doing the rounds on Whatsapp shows an Acharya or Guru answering the question of a young girl who is brash in her questioning. There are thousands of people…

Narendra Modi and wife Jashodaben

Narendra Modi and his Wife

Every time any talk about PM Narendra Modi comes up, those who dislike him always refer to his having left his wife. They question as to how someone who has…