Ravi Dev

Shri Ravi Dev is the Sanghachalak of Hindu Swamyamsevak Sangh (Guyana). He has been a Hindu activist for the past 27 years in Guyana, after 21 years in New York where he was a corporate executive and a member of the New York Bar.


Hegemony and Hindu Dharma in West Indies : Part 5

M.K. Gandhi   Gandhi, for mostly personal reasons of his own, accepted the British definition of Hindu ‘spirituality’ with its strong anti-physicality element. Initially, he defended his technique of confronting the British…

Hindu Dharma In West Indies Hindu Beliefs

Hegemony and Hindu Dharma in the West Indies – Part 2

Symbolic Force The hegemon imposes the new paradigm of hegemony by utilizing the traditional methods of imparting information. In modern societies these include schools, bureaucracies, armies, printing presses, radio, TV, satellites,…