Salil Gewali

Salil Gewali is a Journalist & Writer from Upper Mawprem, Shillong, Meghalaya.


Our guests should not mess around

Guests are genuinely respected in Bharat than most other countries in the world. ‘Atithi devo bhava”—  (roughly translated as –‘ the guest is GOD’),  a verse from one of the Upanishads, is…

black money Demonetisation

Black Money For Salvation Or Damnation?

It may not take long for one to understand that money could be the root of all evil, especially when it turns into ‘black money’. And it certainly takes his/her…

Kejriwal Stink

Kejriwal’s Dirty Deeds Stink to High Heaven

The public should know the antecedents of a person before voting him to power. Usually when one gets hold of the position of power, it is very likely that he will…

Terrorists as Sweethearts

Terrorists can’t be Sweethearts

The modern times are fundamentally weighed down by the load of deceit, greed, conspiracy and, more importantly, terror. The recent spat between Arnab Goswami of Times Now and Barkha Dutt of…

Sanskrit Language

Sanskrit Language Enlightened The European Intellectuals

It is for the astounding richness of the Sanskrit language that William Jones, a British colonial judge and linguist, first translated Kalidasa’s Shakuntala from the original Sanskrit into English in 1789…

PM Modi in Meghalaya

PM Modi Drummed up Support for Meghalaya 

I don’t remember if any Prime Minister in the past ever imbibed the rich culture and traditions of Meghalaya more than the present PM, Narendra Modi. He relished them all…