Sanatana Dharmist. Endeavor is to share the little I have learnt along this Cosmic journey with my fellow travelers. Sincerely interested in raising awareness of Hindu Dharma, especially to Hindus.

purushartha in Sanatan Dharma

Purushartha in Sanatana Dharma

Few ideas are more central to Sanatana Dharma than Purushartha. They form the bedrock on which other layers like karma, reincarnation are supported. Though it is very simple to repeat…

Oversimplification of Hindu Dharma

Oversimplification – A Grave Dharmic Blunder

This is a rebuttal to Devdutt Pattnaik’s recent interview to The New Indian Express – “There is no harm in simplifying mythology.” As a disclaimer, I have no personal contact…

Hindu excuses

Hindu handbook of excuses

The march of time relentlessly brings upon changes. Some changes are good, whilst others are not so. The everchanging time has altered the wholesomeness behind Hindu thought. Often quoted for…

Inversion of Values

Ailing Hindu Dharma – Inversion of Values

Value is the core of anything that exists. Values are definitely bound by time and space. Things having value at some point in time lose their sheen at another; some…


Rama naama – its impact on the ethos of Bharat

Rama – the name and the character behind it has influenced the ethos of Bharatiya civilization over many millennia in various ways. The facets of Rama are so diverse that one…


Varnas – A journey to its roots

We see divisions all around us – in nature, in society, within government, within our own body. Even an ant or honeybee colony seems to have division of labor. Interestingly…