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brave heart Arunachalee

Brave heart Arunachalee Soldier martyred in Kashmir

Havildar Hangpan Dada from Borduria, Arunachal Pradesh laid down his life for the nation after killing three heavily armed Islamic terrorists. A senior Army official said on Friday that he was injured badly…

Media Sophistry Jihad Threat

Media Sophistry over Jihadi Threat to Bharat 

The recent ISIS propaganda video showing Bharat born jihadis threatening to attack the country, and the way it has been covered by sections of media (both English and Hindi), shows our…

Western Indologists

Western Indologists – A Study in Motives: Part 1

There is a widespread belief among Bharatiya scholars and the educated public that western Orientalists and Indologists have been invariably actuated by purely academic interests, pursued in an objective…