Stephen Knapp

Stephen has dedicated himself to spreading the deepest and most practical levels of spiritual knowledge about the soul--our real identity. It is his strongest realization that our existence on this earthly plane becomes much easier and more vibrant the more we expand our spiritual awareness to perceive the higher dimensions and purpose of things around us. Stephen Knapp grew up in a Christian family, during which time he seriously studied the Bible to understand its teachings. In his late teenage years, however, he sought answers to questions not easily explained in Christian theology. So, he began to search through other religions and philosophies from around the world and started to find the answers for which he was looking. Finally, after his first reading of the Bhagavad-gita, the classic summary of Vedic philosophy known as 'The Song of God', he felt he had found the last piece of the puzzle he had been putting together through all of his research This increased his understanding of everything else he had been studying. Therefore, he continued to research all of the major Vedic texts of Bharat to gain a better understanding of the Vedic science, until he became a full-fledged follower and practitioner of Sanatana-dharma. Now he also tirelessly works to protect, preserve and promote the deep spiritual knowledge of Vedic philosophy and its traditions. An introduction to his research, writing and projects can be found at his website: or

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