Sushil Pandit

Student of Media and Politics, makes a living by managing communication for brands and issues, interested in and active among Kashmiris expelled from Kashmir.

UP Elections

Decoding UP – Part 2

In the data-points of the May 2014 results, the ground situation in UP has a key reference point. Those results define the ceiling for the BJP and the floor for…

Decoding UP

Decoding UP – Part 1

The BJP seems to have given up on winning in the UP Assembly polls. Two months ago it had, at least, the pretensions of a winner. Now, it has dropped…


So, whose loss is it anyway?

Sidhu has done it again. Two decades ago, in 1996, he left the tour of England half way and came back home. It was akin to showing the middle finger…

Masarat Alam

Masarat Alam – Inside a prison or out?

Yesterday, Masarat Alam was a free man yet again, even if for a short while. He was promptly rearrested for a crime in another case. The Srinagar bench of Jammu…