Greta Thunberg advises PM Modi against ‘bragging’ – really, Greta?

A 16-year-old is young, emotionally driven, vulnerable and a lot many things, but before all things, this Swedish “environmentalist” of sorts is also a tool at the hands of the leftist ideologues who are doing quite a cynical job employing an unhealthy child’s terminality to further their agenda. No denying Climate Change is a threat every living creature is faced with, but the fear-mongering about some impending apocalypse serves no purpose. 

Again, hearing how Greta’s mother claims that her daughter ‘sees’ CO₂ with the naked eye, only prevents us from taking her seriously. A child diagnosed with OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), Asperger’s Syndrome, and depression doesn’t need the kind of taxing exposure her ‘promoters’ are forcing onto her.

Back in Feb 2019, prepped by a squad of adult propagandists, Greta sent a message for PM Modi, which basically translated to: ‘the Bharatiya PM isn’t doing much for the environment, he needs to get into action, bragging wont help and the future won’t forgive him’. 

I hate to attack a 16-year-old, but one can’t hide behind one’s age to evade criticism, especially when one wilfully & purposely stepped into the debate. I doubt if a 16-year-old Swedish child is even appraised of the deeds and determination of a Bharatiya politician who may boast a political career of 40 years but chooses to stay humble. Let’s blame her tutors for the poorly scripted uninformed message merely mouthed by her, just for shock value, the wow factor. 

On October 2nd, 2019, Bharat announced curbs on use of single-use plastic and pledged to eliminate it by 2022. This is not the first step taken by the Modi government to tackle the environmental crisis. Back in 2014, Bharat had solar capacity of just 2.6 Gigawatts; since Narendra Modi assumed office, this figure has leapt up to 30 Gigawatts, bringing Bharat’s total renewable energy capacity to 70 GW.

The UN General Assembly held in 2015, had set the 2030 agenda of Sustainable Development and its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to ensure easy access to “affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all,” to empower women, achieve better health conditions for children, creating economic opportunities, and, above all, protecting the planet from an evidently perilous climate change. As part of these SDGs, the world’s first comprehensive climate agreement was signed in Paris in 2016.

Andrew Light, energy expert from the World Resource Institute and George Mason University, has observed that Bharat is not only on track to meet it’s Paris target by 2030, but is exceeding the global expectation from a developing third world country that is still industrialising but doing so sustainably

“Even prior to setting their target under Paris, PM Narendra Modi established an ambitious target to install 100 gigawatts (GW) of solar energy, 60 GW of wind power, and an additional 15 GW of biomass and small hydro by the year 2022, creating an estimated 330,000 new jobs in the process,” Light testified before a US Congressional Committee.

The scores of misleading articles published and promoted by Western publication houses subscribing to a colonial mindset, may have shied away from covering these developments or deceived you into believing otherwise. 

The Modi government has provided 8 crore gas connections to financially struggling families, liberating women and the environment from toxic smoke spewed by the medieval-styled chulhas these women were chained to even 70 years after independence. 

The cost of the LED bulb that came for about Rs. 350 to 450 rupees during the UPA era was brought down to Rs. 40 to 70, thereby enabling the common man to adopt this environment-friendly alternative to the incandescent bulb, and reducing carbon emission by millions of tonnes.  

What’s more? Calling for a global movement and guiding world leaders towards a total behavioral change to combat climate change, PM Modi, during his UNGA speech, has pledged to take Bharat’s renewable energy capacity to 450 gigawatts. Now, all this appears to be all action, and less “bragging”. 

Celebrities who have been cheering for Greta’s speech on social media own dozens of – if not more -gas-guzzling cars, travel by private jets, and take pride in their lavish yacht parties. The gorgeous actresses who were floored with Greta’s performance at the UN, are perhaps consumers of those single use facial sheet masks that often come in plastic packaging and add to nothing but more land-filling. The highlighters they use to fake their radiance comes from mica. 

Greta must go back to school to understand how mica is extracted. Not that we don’t appreciate her passion toward the cause. We will love to hear her more, when she grows up and shows up next time, better prepared and well-informed. 

Opting for a Skype call instead of travelling all the way from Europe to the States, thereby adding to the suffocating carbon emission created by jet travel, seems like a better idea. The lovely teenager needs to practice what she preaches; empty death stares to the Trumps of the world won’t alleviate Climate Change, after all.  

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