Malice in Motherland!

English author Lewis Carroll in his 1865 novel ‘Alice in Wonderland’ introduced the term ‘curiouser’. Till now, the Oxford English Dictionary does not treat ‘curiouser’ as a word unto itself….


Communists and Nationalism : 4 historical episodes

One of the core tenets of Communism is internationalism. In simple terms, Communism does not claim to recognize any other difference between people than the economic class difference. However, this…

Internal Enemies

Internal enemies pose bigger threat than China

With the clouds of a limited war with China looming over Ladakh, there has never been a better time to lob a question plaguing conservative minds for long but considered…

CPM sides with China

Twenty brave Jawans were martyred recently in a fight for our motherland against Chinese soldiers. Reports suggest that heavy casualties on the Chinese side outnumber our losses. As usual, China…