Kairana Exodus Kairanas

UP has spoken – no more Kairanas

A people, long divided, battered, and preyed upon have finally stirred awake in a desperate bid to regain their dignity and right to life. All they needed was someone who…

Slogan from Pakistan to JNU

Journey of a Slogan From Pakistan to JNU

After importing a fiery slogan from Pakistan and planting it in JNU, the Subversion League formed by leftists and Islamists is now in fast forward mode.  It is extraordinary that…

Brand NaMo Pradhan Mantri Acche Din Union Budget 2017 Narendra Modi નેતૃત્વ

Dear Hindus, Modi is your lifeline

May 16th, 2014 is probably the day the leftists hate the most. That was the day 2014 elections results were announced and it was the day Bharat knew who her…