‘Don’t accept Prasad from Hindus, beware of Yoga,’ Kerala Catholic Bishops Council advises Christians

In yet another striking example of the much-talked about ‘Ganga-Jamuna tehzeeb’ or religious syncretism that our secular Nehruvian elites never tire of telling us is the defining idea of India, the Kerala Catholic Bishops Council (KCBC) issued an interesting guideline to the Christian faithful just a week after International Day of Yoga.

Here are some key points of the guideline as reported by The New Indian Express – 

  • Beware of being attracted to Hinduism when you practise yoga
  • Consuming food offerings made to ‘idols’ (murtis), assuming that the ‘idols’ themselves are gods, is against the basic tenets of Christianity.
  • Religious practices that do not accept the fact that Christ is the path to salvation are not acceptable to Christianity. It is Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who sacrificed himself on the Cross, who is the only path to salvation.
  • In Christianity, prayer is communication with God, rather than with the inner self. In yoga, however, one communicates with oneself and understands the depths of one’s mind. As per Christian faith, humble and unselfish acceptance of God’s will is the paramount facet of prayer. Christians practising yoga must never misunderstand that God can be brought to one’s bidding through meditation.

One must applaud the KCBC for elucidating their stand so forthrightly, and not trying to mask their exclusivist belief that only Christianity offers the path to salvation.

KCBC’s dismissive contempt for Hindu Dharma is also quite clear in the way ‘idol worship’ (the denigrative Abrahamic term for ‘murti puja’) has been dealt with in their guidelines. Distortion of yoga and meditation as an attempt to bring ‘God to one’s bidding’ (yoga and sadhana is actually about self-realization, i.e. realizing we are all part of the same divine paramatma) is also understandable, given that they want their followers to look down upon these  Hindu practises.

Incidentally, KCBC has been staunchly supporting rape-accused Bishop Franco Mulakkal and recently objected to a cartoon mocking Mulakkal winning the Kerala Lalit Kala Academy for best cartoonist.

Last year, the Syro-Malabar Catholic Church of Kerala had similarly trained its guns on Yoga. Its  Doctrinal Commission report said that practising Yoga does not lead to God and that Yoga has ‘pre-Hindu, secular origins’.  The report asked Christians to avoid Yoga and stated that Yoga doesn’t bring about any improvement in any person, and could actually prevent one’s soul being lifted up to God and that its physical gestures and exercises could become ‘idolatrous.’

Yet, despite key Christian bodies clearly stating their belief that their religion is not just superior, but the only valid path to God, we have scores of Hindu ‘gurus’ & ‘intellectuals’ feeding Hindus the mantra of ‘all religions are equal.’

Hindu concepts of ‘Sarva Dharma Sambhava’ and the Rig Vedic verse Ekam sad viprãh bahudhã vadanti (it is of One Existence that the wise ones speak in diverse ways) have been distorted beyond recognition by modern quasi-Hindus.

As Sita Ram Goel ji succinctly states

“The psychology of surrender is best symbolized by the well-intentioned Hindu slogan of sarva-dharma-samabhãva when it is extended indiscriminately to Christianity and Islam. Hindus are shouting themselves hoarse in stressing the identity of Brahma with Abraham, of Manu with Noah, of Rama with Rahim, of Krishna with Karim, of Kashi with Kaba, and so on. But the monopolises of Monotheism remain far from mollified.”

Vedic scholar Dr. David Frawley further explains,

“The traditions of Bharat are pluralistic, they recognize there are many paths to truth in the broader sense. The western religious traditions are exclusivistic, they teach that there is only one God and they tend to say that theirs is the only legitimate path. So we cannot equate those two things.”

Distinguished Indologist Koenraad Elst has to say about the Indian secularist view that secularism is really a synthesis of all religions –

“This synthesis of the best of all religions is a make-believe, which is held up to fool Hindus, but which the members of a number of religions will scornfully reject, because it would go against the exclusive claims which constitute the basic identity of their religions.”

Time for Hindus to wake up and fearlessly say the obvious truth: Exclusivist, supremacist belief systems like Christianity and Islam cannot lead to God or self-realization.

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