VCK Chief Thol Thirumavalavan deliberately misquotes Manusmriti to speak degradingly of women

Dravidian organizations’ and political parties’ attack on Sanatana Dharma continues unabated with Viduthalai Chiruthaigal Party chief Thol Thirumavalavan deliberately misquoting Manu Smriti thereby evoking protests across TN by Hindu organizations and BJP. VCK likes to be identified as the champions of Dalits but plays second fiddle to DMK even though it has at times allied with AIADMK.

In a webinar organized by Periyarist outfits, Thirumavalavan called women who follow the Sanatana tradition as prostitutes. The specific part of his speech doing rounds on social media says “how are women valued in Sanatana Dharma, how they are treated, for time immemorial how they have been oppressed and exploited…what does Sanatana Dharma say about women? Basically, women are created as prostitutes by God. All women are prostitutes as per Hindu Dharma…Manu Dharma… All women are prostitutes..that’s how they were created by God..they’re of a status lower than men. It applies to Brahmin women as well as to other women”.

This has been selectively chosen from a part of the translation of Manu Smriti available on the internet and misinterpreted as the only thing said about women in the Smritis. And Thirumavalavan has purposefully chosen to name only one community in their never-ceasing attempt to link Sanatana dharma as a faith exclusive to Brahmins thereby alienating Hindus from both.

Though this specific speech has sparked widespread outrage with BJP picking it up, Thirumavalavan has made such crass comments and targeted women of Sanatana Dharma often. In the past he was booked for his disrespectful comment on temples saying, “if a structure has a dome it’s a mosque; if it has a tall and tower-like structure it’s a church; where there are vulgar figurines it’s a Hindu temple”.

He also called for the destruction of famous temples like Tirumala Tirupati, Kanchi Kamakshi, Srirangam while asking for Babri masjids to be built all over Bharat and spoke in support of rebuilding Babri masjid. He went on to mock that one cannot even ask for proof for Bhagwan Ram’s birth at the janmabhoomi as he wasn’t born there at all. He has been repeating the lie that famous Hindu temples were built after demolishing Buddha Vihara.

As a part of these baseless allegations he questioned the birth of Swami Ayyappa, the Kaliyuga devata. “babies are born when a man and woman have intercourse..this is what science says and this is rational…but Sanatana Dharma says Ayyappa was born to two men. He was born when Maha Vishnu and Maha Sivan had intercourse..yes that’s what Sanatana dharma says” he said to his followers.

In January 2019 he organized a conference ‘Uproot Sanatana Dharma’ which was graced by the presence of supremos of DMK, Communist party of India, MDMK, Dravidar Kazhagam, Puducherry CM Narayanasami of the Congress, and numerous other important people.

In the past he made a very objectionable speech about women of a particular community choosing the men of other castes when Pattali Makkal Katchi (PMK), a mostly caste-based party accused VCK and its cadre of intentionally trapping young women of their community. 

Thirumavalavan in his urge to retaliate spoke on a stage that “they are pissed that their women (other castes) don’t look at them. Even though they wear well-ironed clothes, look fair, wear costly shoes their women don’t look at them..but when they look at the men from (mentions the names of scheduled castes) poor background, understand what your worth is”.

He further said, “Women of their (the other community) caste show their worth. ‘Even if you have everything there is no use in you (men of the same caste). Even if they (men of scheduled castes) are poor they have substance and posture (decent words for virility and manliness) which is why we go behind them…if you have any honor left in you hang yourself to death’ is what their women say to them”.

He went on to degrade the women of other castes simply to spite them saying, “Even if their women lie with us for ten months their men will say, “it’s ok just wash it off and come live with me”…if the women of my village or family-run away the parents would try to persuade her to return with them. But if the girl persists they just take a dip in the river (symbolic of severing ties with someone as people take bath after someone dies in the family) and dump her”.

After abusing women of all strata in the name of upholding social justice, now he is attempting to use a Hindu scripture to help spread his propaganda that Sanatana Dharma is a regressive religion. Despite all this, he never failed to attend rituals pertaining to Hinduism, the latest one being the rituals performed after his sister’s death.

He tried to pass it off as obliging and respecting the wishes of his relatives. He has taken part in many temple rituals such as the consecration ceremony. He reportedly said that he has agreed to build a temple for Eashwara in his village as per the public’s wish after his comment about temples having vulgar figures went viral.

He shamelessly went to Chidambaram temple that he asked to be destroyed, to seek votes and blessings from the Dikshithars not once but twice and unfortunately was elected as the member of parliament from the Chidambaram constituency as well. Yet he doesn’t bat an eyelid before abusing sanatanis and Sanatana Dharma in the hope that no retaliatory action will be taken against him.

(Featured Image Source: The News Minute)

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