Parents protest against TN government school teacher for proselytizing Christianity

Parents protested at a Panchayat Block primary school in Erode, Tamil Nadu against a teacher pressurizing children to sing Christian songs. Jocelyn Grace, a 4th standard teacher in the primary school, tried to impose her beliefs on the children by distributing books relating to Christianity and compelling them to pray along with her. The school has a strength of 79. 

Students informed the parents about this after which parents complained to the Headmistress. They gheraoed the school as no action was forthcoming. After an hour long talk with the parents, Headmaster of the nearby higher secondary school came to the rescue of the Headmistress and assured the parents that he will complain to the education department officials and necessary action will be taken against the teacher.

The teacher has since been transferred by the District Educational Officer. As if the FCRA-enabled proselytizing missionary schools are not enough to brainwash young Hindu minds, even those Christians who work for the government are focused on their soul-harvesting goal as sincerely as the Christian institutions.


The name of the school Headmistress is Stella (Senthamizh Selvi). Here is a video of the children in the Government primary school singing Christian prayer songs:

The group of boys who come first say that they are 5th-standard students and that 4th-standard teacher Grace taught them these songs. The girls who come next say that they are 3rd-standard students & repeat the same about the teacher.

Here is a picture of the teacher, Jocelyn Grace, being challenged by parents:

The teacher supposedly tried to convert a girl by force, human rights organization Hindu Munnani claims. They demanded the teacher’s suspension but she was merely transferred to another school.

A Tamil news cutting says the teacher has been working in the school for 8 years & doing this religious business for two years during working hours. The Parents Association head is quoted as saying, “The teacher has been teaching the children the religious songs of a certain religion which have nothing to do with the syllabus. She also has been giving sermons in her classes. This creates unnecessary issues. The Headmistress (HM) has not acted upon our complaint regarding this matter. So the parents of the students and public have sent a petition to the district educational officer against HM and the teacher.”


(Featured Image: For Representational purposes only, borrowed from this video)

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