HinduPost Invites Online Interns and Volunteers


Over the last one year, HinduPost has evolved as a reliable online platform that provides the correct perspective on issues concerning Hindu society. Our founding philosophy is Satyamev Jayate NaAnritam – Truth Alone Triumphs, Not Untruth.

We have taken a fact-based, objective approach to issues, and tried to inform, engage, and advocate on a range of topics that are of utmost concern for Hindus and humanity in general, but which are largely ignored in traditional media.

We call upon our readers and sympathisers to volunteer some of their time, so that we can reach out to more people and voice many more urgent concerns in these tumultuous and exciting times that Bharat is going through. There are a lot of pressing issues that we are currently unable to cover, only because of lack of content writers and video/audio editors.

If you are passionate and willing to collaborate, you are most welcome to join HinduPost (HP) as an intern/volunteer. You can work from anywhere online at your convenience. You can help us in updating the website more regularly, expanding the range of issues that we cover and help us in responding better to emerging situations that require a public intervention.

Please write to us at [email protected] to join us!

Send us a brief note on you can contribute to HinduPost and some recent pieces of your work (blogs, facebook posts, videos etc) if possible. Even if you are not sure about your writing skills, but feel passionately about changing the establishment discourse, write to us! We will provide the requisite guidance and mentorship.

HinduPost is run by a non-profit trust, Hindu Media Forum. We won’t be able to pay interns at first, but can offer paid roles to those whose work consistently meets our expectations over a period of time. You will be given an internship certificate, irrespective of the duration you choose to work with us.

-Warm Regards,

Team HinduPost