How Kerala is indoctrinating its Muslim students with Islamist ideologues like Maududi

Many people seem to be surprised by the extent of indoctrination and love for Yakub Memon among the students from Kerala. Let me give you an example of how an indoctrination system has become institutionalised that stretches from Kerala to Jamia.

This is the Calicut University’s BA Islamic studies syllabus. Just look at the recommended reading list. Two books by Abul A’la Maududi- ‘Jihad in Islam’ and ‘Towards Understanding Islam’.

Who is Maududi?

Abul A’la Maududi is an Islamic fundamentalist, born in 1903 in Aurangabad, who founded the Jamaat-e-Islami in the 1940s. He is considered one of the prominent Islamists from South Asia who advocated political Islam. Here is a snippet from his book ‘Jihad in Islam’.

Here is another snippet from the same book ‘Jihad in islam’.

According to Abul A’la Maududi, “Islam is not merely a religious creed…(it) envisages to annihilate ‘tyrannical’ and ‘evil’ systems (which as we know from our own history is open to interpretation)”.

Here is another of Abul A’la Maududi’s writing: “Jihad is much more than fighting…” “….all efforts to degrade the word of Kufr (preaching hatred anyone?) and exalt the word of Allah is jihad.” Are these writings even fit for a plural society, let alone be recommended University reading?

Who is responsible for including such rabid material in the University syllabus? Does the organisation started by him (JeI) have any role? Imagine the effect this could have on young college students. Imagine its spillover effect on other students and the larger society.

Now, Jamaat-e-Islami (JeI) itself splintered post partition. While JeI Pakistan, Bangladesh and Kashmir adopted open Jihad against the Kufr, Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH) adopted a more ‘secular’ outlook. It is important to understand Maududi’s views to know why.

In spite of its secular and pro-democratic outlook, JIH has not abandoned Maududi’s idea of ‘producing and disseminating publications’ for the ‘revolution’. Here is a MEMRI (Middle East Media Research Institute) report on Jihadi literature being published in Abul Fazl enclave, where the New Delhi HQ of JIH is located.

And where is Abu Fazl enclave? Right besides Jamia Millia Islamia university, and Shaheen Bagh! The enclave is a hub for translating Jihadi literature from around the world into Urdu. Who were the people that destroyed and burned down the buses? Where did they come from?

Mind you, this is just a peek into this country wide nexus. Meanwhile, JIH is protesting against the CAA in its own style, ‘silently and patiently.’ But why? Because ‘CAA will destroy the secular fabric of this country’! 


It should not then surprise anyone when these ‘students’ express their love for Pakistan and turn it into a form of resistance. Sadly it’s being perpetuated by a system subsidized and partly funded by the Indian state, thanks to our ignorance.

Liberal #Shero #LadeedaFarzana aka #LadeedaSakhaloon refers to ‘Hudaibiyya’ in her Facebook post. How many of the ‘liberals’, Hindus and the world know what the treaty of Hudaibiyya is?

When Yassar Arafat said, ‘remember Al Hudaibiyya’, the entire Muslim world understood exactly what he meant, but it went over our heads. Brigitte Gabriel explains:

In short, the peace treaty of Al Hudaibiyya was signed between Muslims and Meccans in 628 CE, 6 years after Islamic prophet Muhammad migrated to Medina from Mecca as the ‘polytheist, idolatrous, pagan’ Meccans were not receptive to Islamic revelations. Although the treaty announced a 10-year ceasefire between the two warring sides who had previously fought three major battles at Badr, Uhd and Ahzab, it was broken just 18 months later when Muhammad and his followers marched into Mecca as conquerors.

So in her FB post, Ladeeda is basically warning non-Muslims that Muslims are capable of fighting like they did in Badr, Uhud and Karbala, and they don’t just rely on tactical peace treaties with a stronger/equal opponent like they signed at Hudaibiyya. She warns that Muslims talk about ‘Swabr’ (or ‘Sabr’ which is Arabic for patience & perseverance in face of unexpected and unwanted outcomes), but are also capable of ‘Jihad’ (physical struggle for the cause of Islam).

We should have listened to him.

(This article has been compiled from the tweet thread of @Musashi_Nair )

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