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Hindus are facing severe human rights violations all over the world. These violations occur in various forms like religious persecution, religious cleansing, targeted riots, murder, sexual violence, physical assaults, hate crimes, hate speech, legal & racial discrimination, forced conversion, cultural assaults etc. Many Hindus remain ignorant about these violations as they are often sidelined in mainstream media, thus allowing concerned governments to get away with an apathetic response.

HinduPost is attempting to remedy the situation by building a database of human rights violation of Hindus across the world. The project is huge, and envisioned as a community driven effort. We need the active participation of informed Hindus around the world to submit any news of such violations through this form. Or send us your report at our email id [email protected]

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1Riots in and aorund Moradabad from Aug to November 1980 killed 400 Pradesh1980-08-13The 1980 Moradabad happened during August-November 1980. The root cause was the kidnap of a Dalit girl by Muslims. Situation escalated when Muslims pelted stones and murdered a local policeman for his refusal to remove a pig from the local Idgah on 13 August. The police responded with firing.
2Hindu leader killed in front of wife by CPI-M workers Kannur district general secretary Panniyanoor Chandran was killed while he was riding a motorbike along with his wife; the killers did not betray any mercy in killing the BJP leader brutally in front of his wife.
3Hindu Youth Leader KT Jayakrishnan Killed by Communists while teaching in class youth wing state vice president KT Jayakrishnan was hacked to death in a East Mokeri (Kannur) Upper Primary School classroom where he was teaching children. Before departing, the assailants left a threat on the blackboard warning the terrified children not to give evidence against them. Many of the traumatised children later needed years of psychological treatment.
415 year Hindu girl Purnima gang raped by 25-30 Muslims year old Purnima Rani Shil was gang raped by 25-30 men, including BNP members. An armed gang attacked their house at night in East Delua village, Ullahpura thana, Sirajganj on 8 October. They beat her parents mercilessly when they tried to stop the men. Purnima was taken to a nearby place and gang raped by Altaf, Jalil, Mannan, Malek, Litton, Rezaul, Rauf, Hayven, Majnu, Asif, Momin, another Altaf, Bablu, Jaharul, Hossain, Yashin, Abdul & a few more.
5Murshidabad beheading: Hindu husband beheaded by Muslim girl's family Bengal2008-07-14Shailendra Prasad, a native of Bihar worked as a construction labourer in Mumbai, where Munira worked as a maid servant. They fell in love and married in 2006. Munira came from an orthodox village, where a shalishi court had fined her father Ansari Sheikh a sum of two hundred rupees for sending his daughter to work in Mumbai
63 Muslims gang rape 17 year Hindu girl police arrested three Muslims - Shahid Saiyad and Tarik Saiyad (both sons of policemen), and Abu Bakar who kidnapped and gang raped a school girl in the city
7Minor girl from WB raped by 4 - Muhammad Shareef, Muhammad Salid, N.I. Jamsheer, Biju victim, from a village in Murshidabad district in WB, along with her two relatives was waiting at a bus stop at Perumbadi, near Virajpet in Karnataka, on the night of December 23, 2011 to board a bus for Kannur when they were offered a lift in a mini-lorry by the accused. They drove to an isolated area and pushed out the girl’s relatives and gang-raped her.
8 17-year-old gangraped for 10 days by 5 Muslims. Bengal2012-01-1217 year-old school girl abducted and gangraped by 5 - Gopal Khan, Monohar Khan, Sattar Khan, Laltu Sk and Raju Sk. The girl was was confined in a dark room and raped repeatedly over 10 days. Over a month after the rape, the victim's father Jalal Mullick lodged a complaint on February 17, after the traumatized girl broke down and spoke of her ordeal to her family.
935-year-old widow travelling with 11-year-old daughter.dragged out of train at gunpoint and gang-raped by Farid Seikh, Kalam Seikh and 6 others near the tracks. Bengal2012-02-25a 35-year-old widow travelling with her 11-year-old daughter, was dragged out of the Katwa-Ahmedpur local at gunpoint and gang-raped by Muslim criminals at a deserted place near the tracks. All five accused in this case, that was dubbed "sajano ghatona (concocted incident)" by CM Mamata Banerjee, were acquitted by fast-track court judge Kazi Abul Hasseon November 27 2015.
10Rebel Marxist leader T.P Chandrasekharan was hacked to death by CPI-M goons Chandrasekharan was attacked by assailants while he was riding a motorcycle alone after participating in a wedding. Country-made bombs were hurled at him and he was hacked to death with sharp weapons mainly focusing on his face.
11Armyman's wife raped by cab driver Mumtaz Khan in Kolkatta Bengal2012-06-09The 26 year old wife of an Armyman and a mother of two, was raped by cab driver Mumtaz Khan who was assisted by another driver Habib Rahman.
12Muslim mob ravaged Buddha park, attacked bystanders and media in Lucknow Pradesh2012-08-18Violence erupted after Alvida namaz (on the last Friday of Ramzan) in Lucknow as a mob indulged in large-scale violence, targeting mediapersons and bystanders who were caught unawares. They damaged several Buddha statues at Buddha Park. Jamiatul Ulema Hind had organized the 'protest' against the "atrocities on Muslims in Assam and Myanmar".
13A 62-year-old Hindu doctor was beaten to death by Sheikh Jamaluddin and Sirajul Islam -illegal Bangladeshi immigrants Bengal2012-09-05Bikash Bondhu Mullick was attending to his patients in his chamber when the two youths – Sheikh Jamaluddin and Sirajul Islam – started a drunken brawl outside his chamber. Mullick went out and found the duo passing lewd comments at the teenage daughter of his neighbour. Mullick protested against the duo’s behaviour, who then brutally assaulted and killed him
14Muslim political activist shoots dead West Bengal cop Bengal2013-02-13Sheikh Suhan, an active member of the TMC, was caught on camera firing at the Sub Inspector Tapas Chowdhury,
1520 year student Shipra Ghosh was gang raped by nine, led by TMC strongmen Ansar Ali, Saiful Ali, Aminul Ali , her legs torn apart up to the navel, and throat slit.

MurderRapeBharatWest Bengal2013-06-10At Kamdonu More in Barasat, 20-year-old Shipra Ghosh had just got off a bus after writing her BA Part II exam and was walking back home when she was dragged into a walled compound, gang raped and murdered, by Trinamool party workers.
16Hindu Munnani leader S Vellaippan murdered by gang og 8 in Velllore Nadu2013-07-01The Tamil Nadu-based Hindu Munnani's state secretary S Vellaiappan, 50, was was brutally murdered in full public view near the Ramakrishna Math in Vellore by a gang of around eight people.
17BJP TN state general secretary V Ramesh, 54, was hacked to death by 3 Al Ummah Mulsim terrorists in Salem Nadu2013-07-19BJP TN state general secretary V Ramesh, 54, was hacked to death inside the compound of his house in Maravaneri area in Salem town by Madurai Bilal Malik, Fakruddin, Panna Ismail. In shock over the brutal murder, Smt Raja Rajeshwari a Mahila Zonal BJP leader immolated herself and also died.
18Two Hindus killed and a dozen injured after Muslims attack a temple in Nanglamal village area in Meerut, PersecutionBharatUttar Pradesh2013-07-28Members of two communities had a verbal tiff over blaring loudspeakers at the temple and a nearby mosque. Then clashes erupted after Muslim community objected to the playing of hymns at a temple at the time of Aarti of Lord Shiva, switched off the loudspeaker and started beating up Hindus present in the temple and nearby areas.
1916 year old Hindu girl gangraped twice in Madhyamgram Bengal2013-10-25A 16-year-old girl, daughter of Ramshankar Jha, was gang-raped twice in two days in Madhyamgram: once after a man conned her out of home and later when she dared to lodged a police complaint. Associates of the accused allegedly set her on fire and she died on 31 Dec 2013.
20Hindu activist Vinod stabbed to death by CPM workers in Kannur TerrorBharatKerala2013-12-02Vinod Kumar, 35, a Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) worker, was stabbed to death by Communist Party of India (Marxist) [CPI-M] workers at Payyannur, Kannur
2114-year-old girl abducted and gang-raped by Amjad and four others at Mawana, Meerut Pradesh2014-02-01A 14-year-old girl was abducted and gang-raped by Amjad and four others at Mawana, Meerut. The Class 10th student was abducted and taken to a forest area at Inchauli where they tied her to a tube-well and gave her sedatives, before raping her one by one. Amjad used to pass lewd comments against the victim before the incident.
22Riot in Meerut between Muslims and Jains Pradesh2014-05-10About 50 people were injured in a riot in Meerut when a group of Muslims was installing a water facilitation centre for mosque-goers, near a Jain temple.
23BJP leader Vijay Pandit was shot dead in Greater Noida Pradesh2014-06-07Vijay Pandit, husband of Dadri nagar panchayat chairperson Geeta Pandit, was shot dead in Greater Noida. It is suspected a Noida-based SP leader is behind the murder
24BJP leader Omveer Singh Fauji was shot dead in Muzaffarnagar Pradesh2014-06-1047-year-old Omveer Singh Fauji, vice-president of BJP unit in Mirapur town, was murdered.
25 BJP' leader Rakesh Rastogi was murdered in Baheri. Pradesh2014-06-13The body of BJP's Udham Singh Nagar vice president Rakesh Rastogi was recovered from a car in Baheri. He died of shock and hemorrhage. Stab wounds on chest were found and plastic wire was used to strangle Rastogi.
26Unknown people struck at the house of Devendra Sharma of BJP in Mathura. A bullet grazed past his mother. Pradesh2014-06-14Unknown people struck at the house of Devendra Sharma of BJP in Mathura. A bullet grazed past his mother.
27Attempt on life of BJP MP Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti Pradesh2014-06-15An attempt was made on the life of newly-elected BJP MP Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti by four persons in Fatehpur, in which she escaped but her aide was grievously injured
28K P Suresh of Hindu Munnani was hacked to death by Mohammed Shameem and Syed Ali Nawaz in Chennai Nadu2014-06-18K P Suresh, 48, the Thiruvallur East district president of the Hindu Munnani, was closing his STD booth on MTH Road around 9:30 pm when a bike-borne Mohammed Shameem and Syed Ali Nawaz inflicted serious injuries to his face, neck and body. Ravi, a juice shop owner who witnessed the attack and ran to help him was also attacked, causing a deep cut to his hand.
2922 year old woman raped by Intazar, Irfan and Harish in Muzaffarnagar Pradesh2014-07-07A 22-year-old woman was gang-raped by three youths Intazar, Irfan and Harish in Harsoli village of Muzaffarnagar district when she had gone to collect water from a handpump in the wee hours
30Muslims object to temple loudspeaker, police forcefully removes & lathi charges Dalits BharatUttar Pradesh2014-07-07It all started on June 26 after Moradabad district administration removed a loudspeaker from a temple in a locality dominated by Dalits. The locals say that the loudspeaker was in the temple for last many weeks. The objections were raised by a group of local Muslims building a mosque in that locality. The locals say there was no objection to construction of mosque in the locality though the region has four mosques. They say that local MLA Anisur Rahman complained to police about the loudspeaker and it dutifully removed it. The sudden removal of the loudspeaker enraged Dalits. They initially staged protest and dharna but were lathi-charged
31Muslims clash with Sikhs in Saharanpur, UP Pradesh2014-07-26Violent clashes broke out in Saharanpur in western Uttar Pradesh over a Gurudwara land dispute as groups of Muslims and Sikhs clashed on the streets in broad daylight.
32Hindu activist Suresh Kumar murdered by CPI-M Bharathiya Mazdoor Sangh (BMS) worker, Suresh Kumar (42), had died after he was attacked by a gang of CPM workers on August 17.
336 Hindu leaders killed over 18 months in 2012-14 in Tamil Nadu by 5 Al Ummah jihadis. Nadu2014-08-20As many as six prominent Hindu leaders were killed in Vellore, Ramanathapuram, Salem, Madurai and Chennai, while there have been as many murder attempts on Hindu leaders between October 2012 and June 2014.
The murders were carried out by remnants of the banned radical Islamist terror group, Al Ummah. The first five killings were done by three men — Police Fakruddin, 36 (nicknamed Police because his father was a policeman); Panna Ismail, 39; and Bilal Malik, 26. The three were arrested in October 2013 in a joint operation by the Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh police from Chennai and Puttur near Chittoor. For the sixth and the latest killing — on June 18 in Chennai — two 24-year-old men, Mohammed Shameem and Syed Ali Nawaz, who are linked to Al Ummah operatives associated with communal crimes in Tamil Nadu, were arrested on August 6 in Bangalore.
34National Level Shooter targeted for fraudlent marriage & forced conversion JihadBharatJharkhand2014-08-22Raqibul Hasan Khan alias Ranjit Kumar Kohli, deceived national shooter Tara Shahdeo into marriage and forced her to convert to Islam.
35Hindu leader E Manoj hacked to death by Communist CPI-M cadre in Kannur Manoj (42) of the RSS was hacked to death and his friend Pramod injured when the duo was attacked by CPM goons after hurling bombs on the car they were travelling.
36Minor girl kidnapped from a reconciliation meeting organised by TMC councillor in Dhupguri, later found raped and murdered Bengal2014-09-01A Class X student was kidnapped from from a 'reconciliation meeting' involving her father organised by a TMC councillor in Dhupguri. She was later found raped and murdered.
3718 year old Rinku Saha abducted by Qasim, found hanging in Delhi, MurderBharatWest Bengal2014-09-0218-year-old Rinku Saha was abducted from West Bengal and found dead in a hotel room in central Delhi - she had checked in at the hotel under the name Salma along with a man named A Qasim on August 25. Qasim, who is 41-years-old is missing. Rinku's family suspect Qasim converted her to Islam as he took her to Ajmer Sharif before coming to Delhi. They also believe he killed her. Rinku had studied up to Class X and lived with her mother and brother in Cooch Behar, West Bengal. Her father had died a few years ago and her brother works in Kolkata. She went for a tuition class on August 17 but did not return home.
38Kajal Bheel, 12-year old Hindu girl abducted, forcefully converted and married. ConversionPakistanSindh2014-10-21Kajal Bheel, a 12-year old Hindu girl from Sindh, Pakistan, was abducted, forcefully converted and married to one of her abductors. Police refused to start an investigation, insisting that there is no case to solve, and the court neglected the birth certificate as proof of age.
39Ramesh Jadhav stabbed to death in his own home in front of 2 year old daughter Jadhav was stabbed to death by five Muslims in bid to stop his neighbour, Daya Trivedi. from being attacked. Gullu Ali Mohammad Sajida (45), Yusuf Sajida (25), Sohail Ansari (25), Imran Kazi and a minor barged into Ramesh's home instead and killed him in front of his 2 year old daughter.
409 year old girl raped by Muslim neighbour Bengal2014-10-26A nine-year-old girl was raped by her 26-year-old neighbour at Sandeshkhali in North 24-Parganas. The accused, Imtiaz Ali Mollah alias Bapi, was arrested on Saturday. This comes only a day after the gang rape of a Class-XI student in Deganga.
41Malaysia’s Sharia law costs non-Muslims their kids ConversionLegal DiscriminationMalaysiaIpoh2014-11-10M. Indira Gandhi’s husband wanted her to convert to Islam. A committed Hindu, she refused. He snatched their 11-month-old daughter from the arms of an older child, tucked her under one arm and sped off on his motorbike.
42Muslims and Hindu Dalits clashed in Shamli district over sharing water from a hand-pump. Pradesh2014-11-13Muslims and Hindu Dalits clashed at Sonata village in Shamli district over sharing water from a hand-pump. At least six houses of both the communities were set on fire by the rioters. Half-a-dozen people also sustained injuries.
4318-year old Hindu girl set ablaze by Muslim man for resisting rape AssaultAttempt to MurderBharatWest Bengal2014-12-09An 18-year-old girl, Neha Chowdhury, who lived in the Belur police station area in Howrah was set ablaze by Md. Imtiaz (30) on Monday when she resisted his attempts to rape her on Monday. The girl suffered nearly 60% burns and is fighting for her life at the T L Jaiswal Hospital. The accused, Md Imtiaz, is absconding.
44Muslim mobs go on rampage against hapless Hindus Bengal2015-01-29On the morning of 29 January 2015, large scale violence rocked Usti market in South 24 Parganas district of West Bengal. More than 50 Hindu shops were ransacked, looted and gutted by a mob of rioting Muslims.
4516-year-old girl tortured, raped by clergyman; arrested, AbuseBharatWest Bengal2015-02-05A 16-year-old girl from Hooghly-based rehabilitation home for women was raped and tortured for a month by a clergyman at 'Gurap Bhastara Christian Home' in West Bengal
46Hindu man assaulted by US Cop,Didn't Get Justice Because He Couldn't Speak English White Christian policeman roughed up a 57-year-old Indian citizen who was walking on the sidewalk outside his son's home, leaving the older man temporarily paralyzed and hospitalized with fused vertebrae.
47‘Get Out’: Hindu temple defaced in Washington CrimeUSAWashington2015-02-17A Hindu temple and nearby middle school were both vandalized with messages of hate on the U.S. West Coast. An unknown culprit scrawled, “Get Out” and a swastika on the walls of the temple,
48Muslims attack Hindus in Neemuch on Hanuman Jayanti Pradesh2015-04-03Fifteen people were injured, including three policemen in a clash between two communities that erupted following stone pelting at a procession on the eve of Hanuman Jayanti by some miscreants at Khurra Chowk locality of Jawad in Neemuch district on Friday.
49Tuktuki Mondal abducted, raped and missing
AbductionForced ConversionBharatWest Bengal2015-05-0414 year old Tuktuki Mandal, a student of class-10, was forcibly kidnapped by Babusona Gazi, son of Ramzan Gazi at the midnight of 4th May.
5014 year old Hindu girl gang raped, wood, bottle caps recovered from her private parts Pradesh2015-06-23The girl had gone out to purchase items for her home. She was then allegedly abducted by her neighbour and his friend, who took her to a sugarcane crop field and gang-raped her. Doctors recovered a piece of cloth, polythene bags, bottle caps, matchsticks and a piece of wood from the private parts of the victim
512 Delhi Cops Savagely Assaulted By Muslims For Doing Their Duty Constable Jai Bhagwan and Constable Manoj were on a routine check and stopped two minors from riding a motorcycle in Gokulpuri in East Delhi. The two Muslim motorcyclists and their family members then chased and brutally assaulted the two traffic cops.
5215 year old girl stabbed by stalker assault, Physical AssaultBharatMaharashtra2015-07-21A 15-year-old girl leaving for school was gagged and stabbed in the staircase of her building in Virar by a youth known to her and her family. The girl said that about a fortnight ago she went to the Manvelpada police chowkie to complain against the youth, who was stalking her, but was turned away.
5315 year old Hindu boy shot dead by Muslim man Pradesh2015-07-30A minor scuffle over cattle grazing led to Mohammad Altaf firing indscriminately towards a temple from the terrace of a mosque and killing Sanju Rathore, a 15-year-old boy. Umar Ali, Mohammad Istqam and two others were also arrested
54Dog carcasses hung from electric pole where E Manoj was hacked to death by CPI-M 1 year back CrimeBharatKerala2015-09-013 dogs, with their necks slit, were hanged on an electric post at the very spot where RSS leader E Manoj was killed by CPI-M workers on September 1, 2014.
5521 year Abdul Majid coaxed 200 school going girls on Facebook to share their nude photographs., Sexual CrimeBharatTelangana2015-09-1321 years old engineering student Abdul Majid, son of a pan shop owner, over a period of 18 months befriended nearly 200 school girls on Facebook and lured them into sharing their nude pictures on the social networking site. He opened eight different fake Facebook accounts posing to be a girl. He used the screenshots of their secrets to blackmail them into sending more nude photos.
56Prashant Poojary, a flower vendor, was hacked to death by six bike-borne Muslims, a flower vendor who had led raids on illegal slaughter houses, was hacked to death by Mohammud Haneef, Mohammud Ilyas, and 4 others - all armed with lethal weapons, at Moodabirdi, Karnataka.
57Eyewitness to Prashant Poojary murder found dead in suspicious circumstances Vaman Poojary, an eyewitness in the murder of Prashanth Poojary of Moodbidri, died under mysterious circumstances.
58Cricketer faces abuse for Durga Puja Facebbok greeting CrimeBangladeshBangladesh2015-10-21Bangladesh national cricketer Litton Kumer Das, a Hindu, faced religious hatred after posting a photo of goddess Durga on the occasion of Puja on Facebook. He received comments asking to remove the photo citing that Islam does not allow idolatry and Bangladesh is inhabited mostly by Muslims.
59Married Hindu woman gang raped by Salim and 3 others in Bareilly Pradesh2015-11-02Married Dalit woman was returning from fields, when she was gang raped by Salim and 3 others in Sorha village, Bareilly.
6016 yr old Hindu school girl Monti Rani Sarkar abducted & converted to Islam in Bangladesh, Rape, Forced ConversionBangladeshSunamganj2015-11-09Hindu girl Monti Rani Sarkar (16) was abducted by Md Hosain, Md Ali, Md Jadu Mian & Oly Mian in Sunamganj, B'angladesh. This Hindu girl & the Muslim men who converted her belong to the same village (Jayashree)
61Hindu woman gangraped by 2 Assamese security guards at Bengaluru's Cubbon Park private security guards from Assam took a woman from Tumkur inside the park near Siddalingaiah circle and raped her. The names of the guards have not been revealed.
62Attack on Diwali eve over cracker bursting Pradesh2015-11-1620 year old Gaurav was severely injured & later died of gunshot wounds inflicted by Muslim youth in a clash which was triggered on Diwali night over bursting of crackers.
63Six-hour torture for woman in WB: Lady tied to tree, assaulted over refusal to withdraw case Bengal2015-12-05A 34 year old housewife was dragged out of her father’s house by around 40 people, led by Samsul Sheikh, Ziaul Sheikh and Raisul Ali, who tied her up to a tree and tortured her for over six hours in an Englishbazar village after she had refused to withdraw a six-year-old criminal case against three men.
64Ten People Injured at Hindu Temple Blast, 3 Arrested people have been injured at a Hindu religious gathering in northern Bangladesh as three crude bombs went off at Jatra pandal on the premises of Kantaji Temple in Kaharol upazila of Dinajpur.
65Two injured in attack on Hindu function opened fire at a Hindu religious function organized by an International Society for Krishna Consciousness temple at Kaharole upazila in Dinajpur. The bullet injured Muthun Roy and Ranajit Mohan Roy.
6617 year old girl abducted, raped, dumped in Delhi, TraffickingBharatWest Bengal2015-12-1140-year-old man abducted, raped and trafficked a 17-year-old girl from West Bengal's Diamond Harbour.The girl was dumped at the GTB hospital in north-east Delhi after she fell ill following the repeated sexual abuse on her. She was driven to different parts of the country where she was forced into prostitution before being sold off to four Haryana men as their bride
67Muslim man raped Hindu co-worker for 5 days to force her to convert Jihad, RapeBharatTelangana2015-12-22Syed Imad Hasan from Aligarh UP confined and raped a Hindu co-worker software professional for 5 days, asking her to convert and marry him.
68Assam police constable Dipen Hazarika was killed by a Muslim mob a clash between police and a Muslim mob at Biswanath Chariali in Sonitpur district, due to rumours that the police was launching an operation against illegal Bangladeshi migrants, a constable Dipen Hazarika was killed and a police vehicle was also set ablaze.
6922 year Hindu girl from Shamli abducted by 40 year old married Muslim man Pradesh2015-12-26A day after a 22-year-old Hindu girl from Kandhla in Shamli district, who had been missing for almost a month along with her 40-year-old tenant Mohammed Asif (already married with 3 children), was found in an apartment in New Delhi's Vasant Vihar.
70Muslim youth beat elderly Hindu man to death Bengal2015-12-27An elderly Hindu man was dragged into a mango orchard and beaten to death by a group of Muslim picnickers when he protested their drinking and brawling.
71Hindu Youth Murdered by 8 member Muslim gang Vikas Kamble, a resident of Santacruz's Golibar area died after being beaten up by a group of 8 men. Two other friends of Vikas were also beaten up.
72Discrimnation against Hindus in Pakistan
PersecutionPakistan2016-01-01Many of the Pakistani Hindus claimed that they don't want to stay in Pakistan anymore because they are facing huge heap of discrimination on the basis of religion there. They are being treated like slaves. Many of them complained that the Hindus there are not being allowed to touch anything in the market areas, even they are facing injustice in the prices of the items. Many of them has said that Pakistani Hindus get shooed away from the water taps whenever they approached to drink it from there. Khema bai, a Hindu woman from Sindh said they are not getting paid for working on the farm lands. Not only this the Hindus are so much scared because it is becoming a very common trend there, daughters of Hindu's has been kidnapped, sexually abused and forcibly converted into Islam. As per the BBC reports 'Thar Express' brings 10-20 Hindus every week to Bharat and not only one of them are ready to go back on Pakistani lands. Apart from that most of the migrants from Pakistan are suffering from getting their Indian citizenship. Recently many of them started to protest at Jantar Mantar road. They are saying that if Adan sami could successfully get the Indian citizenship then why can't us. Even they are also having allegations that many of the Bangladeshi migrants get their citizenship are now enjoying the each and every basic facilities in India. The migrants from Pakistan also said that they are facing serious issues in the enrolment of their children into schools as because the schools wants the permanent citizenship of India. According to them VIP(s) are on the top of the priority list and only they becoming able to successfully get the citizenship. The SLS reported that now the Pakistani Hindus who want the Indian citizenship are mostly 'Dalits'.
73Allah has bestowed Pakistanis the honour to destroy India, kill Hindus: Islamic cleric​ SpeechPakistanPakistan2016-01-03Columnist and author Tarek Fateh on Sunday shared a video of a prominent Islamic cleric and former banker Irfan-ul-Haq provoking Pakistanis to destroy idol worship in India and kill Hindus.
74Christian Principal beats Hindu students for Low Score in Bible exam AbuseBharatTamil Nadu2016-01-06As many as 37 students studying fifth standard in a minority educational institution in Melur near here faced the wrath of the principal for scoring low marks in Bible in the half-yearly examination.
75Petrol bombs hurled near Meenakshi Temple in Madurai Nadu2016-01-06 Unidentified persons hurled three petrol bombs in the vicinity of the Sri Meenakshi Temple here late last night.
76Shelter forcibly converted children to Christianity, raided by police Conversion, Child AbuseBharatUttar Pradesh2016-01-08Forcibly converted to Christianity, hung by the wrists from a ceiling fan, starved for days and beaten mercilessly for failing to recite Bible passages — this is what a nine-year-old boy had to endure at an illegal shelter.
774 killed during rioting in Uttar Pradesh's Fatehpur after Muslims pelt stones on Makar Sankranti procession Pradesh2016-01-14A procession related to Makar Sankranti was being taken from Kanpur to Fatehpur. However, as they reached Jehanabad, a Muslim group began pelting stones on them, leading to clashes and death of four individuals.
78Hindu mother of 3 kills herself after rape by Muslim who circulates clip on WhatsApp Pradesh2016-01-14 A 40-year-old ASHA worker, raped by 20-year-old Shahid, committed suicide after a video of the incident was circulated on WhatsApp by the accused.
79Air Force Officer mowed down by speeding Audi driven by Muslim MLA's son - Ambia Sohrab. Bengal2016-01-15Kolkata Police yesterday issued a look out notice against Ambia Sohrab, Sambia Sohrab and their father former RJD MLA Mohammed Sohrab, who are absconding after a speeding car reportedly owned by them killed an Air Force officer during a Republic Day parade rehearsal here. The MLA was apparently given tips to escape by the West Bengal police.
80Hindu youth Sawan Rathod was asked if he is a Hindu, and then burned alive by 3 Muslims rag-picker, Sawan Rathod, was set on fire by Ibrahim Shaikh, Imran Tamboli and Zuber Tamboli on suspicion of stealing vehicle batteries in Kasaba Peth area and later succumbed to his burn injuries.
81Hindu swayamsevak's daughter beaten up over bike clash AssaultBharatUttar Pradesh2016-01-15An RSS activist and his daughter travelling by bike were badly beaten up by 4-5 youth over a minor bike clash.
82Muslim mob assaults police, sets jeeps on fire Bengal2016-01-15A Muslim mob torched two police jeeps, assaulted cops and vandalised and laid siege to a police station in Birbhum's Mayureswar, prompting officers to flee.
8332 year Hindu woman gang raped by 2 Muslims who circulate video on social media Pradesh2016-01-1732-year-old married woman was gangraped by Irshad and Nazer, who filmed the entire incident and circulated the clip on the social media in Kailawda village under Khatoli police station, Muzaffarnagar, U.P.
84Muslim MLA molests Hindu woman on Rajdhani train AssaultBharatBihar2016-01-18 In a shocking incident, a Hindu woman was molestated by JD (U) MLA Sarfaraz Alam in Guwahati-Rajdhani Express.
85Narendra Rajoria was hacked to death by sword wielding assailants, RiotBharatMadhya Pradesh2016-01-19Curfew continued for the second day in Madhya Pradesh's Devas city and left one Hindu killed. Three-four sword-brandishing unidentified people attacked Narendra Rajoria at Shukruvariya Haat. They left him seriouly injured and he later died at hospital.
86Missing Hindu girl found hanging naked; had been raped, MurderBharatWest Bengal2016-01-20A missing teenage girl was found hanging unclothed from a tree near the BDO office, at Sitai in Cooch Behar district. Locals alleged that the class 10th student, who was missing since last night, was raped and murdered.
8714 year old girl gangraped by Sakib and Rakib Pradesh2016-01-23A 14-year-old girl was gang-raped by two youths, Rakib and Sakib, at gun-point at her house at Kutesra village in Muzaffarnagar district, when the family members were not present. They threatened to kill the girl if she revealed the incident to anyone,
88Hindu minor girl adbucted, raped and converted - courts hand her to rapist 'husband', Rape, Forced ConversionPakistanSindh2016-01-24Minor Hindu girl was abducted, converted and then forcefully married to Ali Gul. When her distressed family approached courts, in a sham enquiry her age was first assessed as 18-19, and later 15-16. Still Court ruled "there was no force as girl had attained the age of puberty as was evident from the medical board’s report and she had voluntarily converted to Islam without any pressure"
89Muslim fundaemntalist group Towheed Jamath organizes Hinduphobic conference in Tamil nadu SpeechBharatTamil Nadu2016-01-25The Tamil Nadu “Thowheed Jamaath” (TNTJ) plans to hold a ‘Shirk Abolition’ conference on 31 January in Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu. In Islamic parlance, Shirk is the prohibited practise of worshipping idols or photos of Gods, Earth (Bhoomidevi), Sun, Moon, Cows, Nature – all of which form part of Hindu Dharma.
90Minor Hindu girl Twinkle Shaw (15) raped, murdered and thrown into coal pit by Mohammed Aftab Alam in Jamuria, WB, MurderBharatWest Bengal2016-01-26Minor Hindu girl Twinkle Shau (15) was raped, murdered and thrown into coal pit by Mohammed Aftab Alam in Jamuria, WB. Her body was recovered on 26 January and WB admin prevented the Asansol MP from visiting the family
91Bharatiya origin man deported from USA due to skin color DiscriminationUSAIllinois2016-01-27A UK-based Bharatiya-origin man, Amreet Surana, who had travelled to the US from London on a business trip was held for 13 hours by US immigration officials, harassed, and deported because of his skin colour.
9222-year-old girl abducted and gangraped by Saddam, Rizwan and Shahrukh in Muzaffarnagar district, who also made a video of the act. Pradesh2016-01-29A 22-year-old girl was abducted and gangraped by Saddam, Rizwan and Shahrukh who also made a video of the act at Miranpur town in Muzaffarnagar district. The crime took place when she went out of her house to attend nature's call.
9312 year Hindu girl raped in Bareilly by Murari (20) and one other, Wooden sticks found in her private parts., MurderBharatUttar Pradesh2016-01-30Similar to Nirbhaya case, a 12-year-old dalit girl has been raped and murdered in Bareilly. Wooden sticks found in her private parts. Accused Murari (20) has been arrested
9420 year old girl gang-raped and beaten by Murasleen, Shahdaab and Musarif Pradesh2016-01-30A 20-year-old woman was gangraped by three persons of her village, Murasleen, Shahdaab and Musarif, at her home in Mawana, Meerut.
9514 year old riot victim gang-raped by Zulfam and 2 others. Pradesh2016-01-30A 14-year-old girl, who was rehabilitated along with her family after the 2013 Muzaffarnagar riots, was gang-raped by Zulfam, son of former Gram Pradhan Zaheer, and two unidentified youths at Ambeta village, Muzaffarnagar.
96Clashes reupt afer Muslim man Abid enters Hindu Dalit home and molests a girl in Delhi's Bharat Nagar Delhi2016-01-31At least 15 people were injured in a clash which broke out in northwest Delhi's Bharat Nagar area after a Muslim youth Abid was thrashed by some locals when he was caught molesting a Hindu Dalit girl inside her home.
97Hindu student molested by Muslim criminal in Garulia, WB AssaultBharatWest Bengal2016-01-31Molestation of another student by Muslim Criminal Raja Khan at Garulia police station - police files complaint
98A 15-year-old girl was raped by Dr. VP Singh and Chhotey Khan Pradesh2016-02-02A minor girl was raped by Dr VP Singh and Chhotey Khan - on February 2. Chhotey Khan had taken the girl to Singh in Aliganj town on some pretext and the two raped her there
99Rape, forcible conversion of Hindu girl Chandni, 14 years in Chittagong, Bangladesh by Mohammad Sohel Rana, Rape, Forced ConversionBangladeshChittagong2016-02-03Kidnapping,rape,forcible conversion of Hindu girl Chandni, 14years of age in Chittagong , Bangladesh by Mohammad Sohel Rana
10030-year old builder Jignesh Jain shot dead by burqa clad gunmen in Chunabhatti, Mumbai. gunmen killed a 30-year-old builder Jignesh Jain in his office in Chunabhatti area in Mumbai.
101BJP Bihar Vice-President Visheshwar Ohja shot dead in Bhojpur Bihar vice-president Visheshwar Ojha was shot dead in Arrah area while returning from a wedding. Ojha's driver and a man also got injured in the incident. Ojha was the second BJP leader shot dead in 12 hours in Bihar.
102BJP leader Kedarnath Singh shot dead in Chhapra leader Kedarnath Singh was shot dead in Chhapra
103Journalist Karun Mishra shot dead in UPMurderBharatUttar Pradesh2016-02-13Three bike-borne criminals, in broad daylight, shot dead the bureau chief of 'Jansandesh' newspaper, Karun Mishra, in Gosaiganj's Inayatpur region while he was on his way to Ambedkarnagar.
104Hindu Activist Sujith Hacked to Death by CPM In Kerala 27 year old PV Sujith, was hacked to death by CPI-M (Communist Party of India – Marxist) workers in front of his parents in Papinisseri, Kannur district Kerala.
105Muslims clash with Hindu Dalits during Sant Ravidas procession Pradesh2016-02-19One person was killed and several others, including a police sub-inspector, were injured in a clash in Sarkadi Khumar village under Kotwali Dehat in Saharanpur district of West U.P. when a procession being brought out by Hindus on the occasion of Sant Ravidas jayanti was interrupted by Muslims objecting to 'use of band’ in the procession.
106Islamist militants beheaded a 45 year Hindu priest at a temple in Bangladesh or six Islamists beheaded the priest, Jogeshwar Roy, 45, as he was organising prayers at the Deviganj temple near Panchagar, 308 miles north of the capital, Dhaka. They shot and wounded two devotee who went to the priest's aid.
107Hindu Dalit leader Arun Mahaur shot dead by Muslim over Cow Slaughter Tiff Pradesh2016-02-25(VHP) Agra city unit vice-president Arun Kumar Mahaur was accosted by five assailants -Shahrukh, Raja, Dilshad, Imtiyaz and Abid - in a busy marketplace near his ancestral house in Mantola, one of whom pumped a bullet from a country-made gun into the back of his head.
108Hindu student's belongings thrown out of hostel by Leftists Delhi2016-03-02A female student of the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) and a member of the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) found her belongings thrown out of the hostel dormitory on Wednesday, with a note on her bed that said ‘Reject ABVP’. She had been having intense arguments with some extreme Leftist students for the last few days.
109Hindu Activist A V Biju Murderously Attacked by CPM in Front of Children rickshaw driver and BJP party worker A V Biju (29), was taken to hospital in a critical condition after he was hacked by sharp objects by suspected CPI(M) workers in Kannur district, Kerala. Biju was dropping students to school when he was attacked.
110Kerala Hindu student thrashed by mob for dropping Muslim classmate 18-year-old student, Sreesagar Babu was attacked by a group of Muslims, as he was riding with his Muslim classmate to drop her at the bus stop.
111Hindu Leader K Raju hacked to death in Mysuru by Islamists activist, Kyathemaranahalli Raju (37), who also happened to be a BJP leader, was brutally hacked to death in Mysuru. Raju had stopped the illegal construction of a masjid in Kyatamaranahalli and was the main driving force behind building a Ganesh temple. He had united and organised the Hindus of Udayagiri, NR Mohalla and Kytharamanahalli.
11211 year old Ravi Pal choked to death by tutor Irfan for refusing to join ISIS Pradesh2016-03-2611 year old Ravi Pal choked to death by tutor Irfan for refusing to join ISIS
113‘Eminent Historian’ Irfan Habib And Darul Uloom Deoband Say No To ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ SpeechBharatBharat2016-04-02‘Eminent historian‘ Irfan Habib’s contention that the idea of ‘Bharat Mata’ (Motherland Bharat) is a foreign import was backed up by fundamentalist Islamic seminary Darul Uloom Deoband that issued a fatwa (Islamic ruling binding on devout Muslims) banning Muslims from chanting the slogan as it goes against “tauheed” (the idea of worshipping one god), which forms the core of Islam.
114Non-Kashmiri Students At NIT Srinagar Thrashed By J&K Police, Hounded For Hoisting Tricolor & Kashmir2016-04-05There has been a brutal assault by J&K Police on non-Kashmiri students at NIT (National Instititue of Technology) Srinagar. This crackdown came after non-Kashmiri students hoisted the tri-color and demanded action against local students who had celebrated Bharat’s defeat in a cricket match and shouted anti-national slogans.
115Minor Hindu Dalit Girl Gang Raped For Months in Attingal, Kerala minor Hindu Dalit girl in Thiruvananthapuram rural district was brutally raped and repeatedly abused for over two months by Muslim boys after the assailants blackmailed the victim with visuals of the initial assault they had filmed.
116SP Leader Muslim Khan Thrashes Hindu Youth, Urinates in his Mouth Pradesh2016-04-07In a shocking incident from Uttar Pradesh, ruling Samjawadi Party (SP) leader Muslim Khan along with his family members brutally thrashed a Hindu youth and, in an act of utter bestiality, urinated in his mouth.
117Muslims riot with Dalits in Saharanpur over mobile recharge Pradesh2016-04-13Dilshad and Manga got in argument with mobile shop owner Kuldeep in Hashimura village in Deoband area of Saharanpur. They stabbed Kuldeep's relative Karma, which led to stone pelting between both Dalit and Musim communities.
118Hindus Attacked, Temples Vandalized during Ram Navmi celebrations in Jalgaon Jamod, Buldhana traditional bhandara, i.e. community prayer and meal, during the festival of Ram Navami in the town of Jalgaon Jamod, Buldhana district Maharashtra, was attacked by Muslim fanatics on Saturday night. Members of the ‘majority’ community were assaulted, a temple wall was brought down, murtisvandalized, prasad (divinely blessed food) spilled on the ground, Hindu houses, shops and other property to the tune of lakhs of rupees looted or destroyed.
119Sikh Leader Shot Dead In Pakistan Pakistani Sikh leader, Sardar Sooran Singh was shot dead last Friday near his home in the country’s dangerous northwest region of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP). Sardar Sooran Singh, the Special Assistant to Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa(KP) on Minority Affairs, was assassinated in Pir Baba area of Buner district in the province.
120BJP Leader Murdered in Broad Daylight in Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu Nadu2016-04-28A local BJP leader in Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu has been murdered in broad daylight by three motorcycle borne men, in a manner closely resembling other recent murders of Hindu activists
12120 year old Shot Dead by JDU Legislator’s Son in Bihar night, a 20 year old youth was shot dead by JD(U) MLC Manorama Devi’s son Rocky for overtaking his vehicle in Bihar’s Gaya district.
122Christian Police Officers Desecrate Temple in Kanyakumari, Beat up Devotees Crime, Physical AssaultBharatTamil Nadu2016-05-15incident of desecration of a Hindu temple and brutal assault on Hindu devotees by Christian police officers has occured in Kanyakumari district, Tamil Nadu.
123Tripura Communists Urinate in Mouth of Student who wrote ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ on his Motorcycle AssaultBharatTripura2016-05-16Marxist, the ruling party in Tripura – urinated in the mouth of a student who had a ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’ sticker on his motorcycle. The gruesome incident occurred in Kamalpur Subdivisional College in Dhalai district, Tripura.
124Vandalized hundred years old Kali temple in Joypurhat BangladeshBangladesh2016-05-16miscreants entered into the temple breaking the lock of the gate and fled the scene after demolishing the gods Shiva and Kali Devi rod-cement lasting images and smashing idols
125Attacked on 37 Hindu families in Bijoynagar, Brahmanbaria Hindu innocent families attacked, houses ransacked, properties looted, women and children sexually assaulted on 07.05.2016 soon after U.P. Election ended at village-Arial within Bijoynagar Upazila of Brahmanbaria District.
126Islamic Extremists Declare Parts of Bengal as Sharia Law Zone ConversionBharatWest Bengal2016-05-19The impunity with which the writ of radical Islamists runs in large parts of West Bengal was once again on display in the form of leaflets carrying Islamic Dos & Donts fatwas (Islamic decree) for non-Muslims being distributed across various districts of West Bengal. The leaflets have the ISIS flag printed in the top right corner.
127CPMKills – More Marxist Violence Unleashed Against Hindu Activists In Kerala workers bludgeoned to death 33 year old BJP worker Pramod in Thrissur district of Kerala.
128Muslim-Dalit Riot in UP, this time in Azamgarh Pradesh2016-05-23Muslims and Hindu Dalits clashed in Khudadadpur village on the night of 14th May. The violence, which continued till the next morning and later spread to neighboring areas, left many people, including police officers, badly injured. The entire area is still tense and heavy police and RAF (Rapid Action Force) presence is in place.
129Accept Islam, Pay Jiziya, or get Slaughtered”: ISIS Jihadis Threaten Bharat recently released 22 minute ISIS propaganda video in Arabic and Hindi shows atleast 5 jihadis from Bharat who have joined ISIS ranks, threatening to “return” to “avenge killing of Muslims in India”.
130Terror Strike In Haryana – Bomb Blast Injures 8 passengers were injured in a bomb blast in a Haryana Roadways bus on the national highway-1 near Pipli town in Kurukshetra district on Thursday afternoon.
131Opposition Leaders Shot Dead, Ex-CM Convoy attacked in Bihar leaders of the opposition LJP (Lok Janshakti Party), an NDA alliance member, were shot dead by suspected Maoists in Gaya district, Today, ex-CM of Bihar, Jitan Ram Manjhi, had a providential escape when the police pilot vehicle accompanying his convoy was attacked and set on fire.
132Muslim Youth Desecrate Hindu Murtis in Srirangapatna, Karnataka CrimeBharatKarnataka2016-05-26Three Muslim youth were found desecrating murtis of Hindu deities in Srirangapatna town, causing tension and resulting in Mysuru-Bengaluru highway being blocked by protesting Hindus.
133Bombing at Hindu populated area in Laxmipur have bombed at Shakharipara in the Hindu populated area of Laxmipur. On Thursday morning this incident is occurred at adjacent to Ram Thakur Ashrom.
13419-year Dalit Nursing Student Gangraped in Kerala Was a Victim of Love Jihad 19-year old Dalit nursing student was gangraped by three people in an autorickshaw in Varkala, Thiruvananthapuram. 3 men were susbequently arrested by the police for the gangrape – Shafeer (alias Sujith), Rashid and Siju.
1357-year old son of BJP couple hacked by CPI-M workers in Kerala 7 year old boy, son of a BJP affiliated couple, has been attacked with sharp weapons by CPI-M workers in the latest incident of barbaric violence unleashed on Hindu activists ever since the Kerala election results, where LDF (alliance of CPM and other Communist partis) emerged victorious but BJP has made a substantial vote share gain as well.
136Pregnant Hindu woman’s womb kicked brutally like a football who dared celebrate Laxmi Puja AssaultBangladeshBangladesh2016-06-02Tulsi Rani Das(18) from Panchgachia Jele Para village from Feni district had her womb monstrously thrashed and kicked by a nefarious gang of 7/8 perpetrators for she and her family “dared” to publicly celebrate their ‘un-holy’ festival of Laxmi puja,
137Hindu Freedom fighter cum College Principal’s skull blown off and brain squashed by Islamic militants Krishna Muhuri, the Principal of Nazirhat College, and a Bangladesh’s national freedom fighter, was gunned down by Islami Chatra Shibir(BNP student’s wing) assailants in his house at the port city of Chittagong on Friday morning, barely five weeks after the BNP-led four-party coalition government came to power.
13814 year old girl gangraped by 2 Muslims in UP Pradesh2016-06-08The 14-year-old girl was alone in her house on Monday when accused Shahrukh and Mehruddin entered the premises and abducted her at gun point. The duo then took her to a secluded place and raped her
139Another Hindu priest slaughtered by jihadis in Bangladesh 70-year-old Hindu priest, Ananda Gopal Ganguly, was hacked to death in Bangladesh by three suspected Islamic State (IS) jihadists who nearly severed his head
140Muslims vandalize Dalit Sant Ravidas Mandir during aarti Pradesh2016-06-08When Dalits started aarti in Ravidas Mandir after the Muslim Aazan, two Muslim youth stormed the temple, vandalized it and beat up Hindu youth - incident occured in Dadhedu village, Charathwal, Muzaffarnagar
141Old Hindu Man Assaulted by Pakistani Cop For Eating in Public During Ramzan AssaultPakistanPakistan2016-06-11An old Hindu man, Chacha Gokal Das was brutally assaulted by a Muslim policeman, Mir Hussain Hydrani, in Sindh, Pakistan for daring to eat in public (just outside his home), 40 minutes before the Iftar (after dusk) meal at which Muslims break their Ramzan fast.
142Hindu Ashram Worker, Nityaranjan Pandey, Hacked to Death in Bangladesh 60-year old Hindu ashram worker, Nityaranjan Pandey, was hacked to death yesterday in northern Bangladesh, the latest in a series of brutal attacks on Hindus, other minorities and secular activists in Muslim majority Bangladesh.
143Another Hindu priest murdered Hindu priest has been chopped again this Friday! Unknown assailants have hacked to death one inmate of a Hindu ashram in Pabna’s Hemayetpur Upazila amidst a nationwide police crackdown on militants.
144Hindu Kalash girl in Pakistan's KP province forced to convert to Islam ConversionPakistanPakistan2016-06-16Hundreds of local Muslim residents attacked members of Hindu Kalash tribe in Chitral on Thursday after a teenager claimed she was forced to convert to Islam
145Hindu woman raped, forced to eat beef and convert to Islam in Bihar Conversion, Rape, Love JihadBharatBihar2016-06-17A Hindu woman was first raped, then forced to eat beef and covert her religion to Islam by her husband and in laws. This incident has taken place in Phulwari area of Patna, Bihar.
146Muslim youth intervene physically to prevent the use of the loudspeaker by a temple BharatJammu & Kashmir2016-06-20Muslim youth led by a woman tried to intervene physically to prevent the use of the loudspeaker by a temple - leads to tension in the area.
147BJP Leader Hacked to Death in Karnataka Goudhar, a BJP local leader and Zilla Panchayat member of Hebballi constituency, Karnataka was brutally murdered by a group of men last Wednesday.
148Dadri’s Hindu man-Muslim woman couple refused marriage registration DiscriminationBharatUttar Pradesh2016-06-23UP Government authorities who refused a marriage registration for a Hindu man and a Muslim woman, fearing it might ‘trigger’ a communal riot. The couple has been living in fear and uncertainty for more than six months after failing to get their marriage registration done, and they are constantly facing threats to their life from the girl’s family.
149Hindu LKG Student Expelled from Christian School for Having a Shikha BharatKarnataka2016-06-30a Christian school in Bengaluru expelled a 3 year old LKG student just because the child had a shikha (long tuft or lock of hair on the top or back of the head) as part of his family’s Hindu religious traditions.
150Hindu Reporter in Pakistan Forced to Drink from Separate Glass in Office PakistanPakistan2016-06-30a Hindu reporter in Pakistan was asked to drink water from a separate glass after his Muslim colleagues found out his religion.
151Hindu boy’s pants pulled out to confirm religion from circumcised penis- stabbed inhumanly Hindu Biochemistry student was made by Islamists to open his pants and inners forcefully to detect his religion from his non-circumcised penis, only to be brutally stabbed next thrice on his throat, 4/5 times on his stomach severely damaging a kidney, slicing nerves on his wrists
152Tarishi Jain, 19 year old Murdered in Dhaka Attack, TerrorismBangladeshBangladesh2016-07-03Tarishi Jain, 19 year old Murdered in Dhaka Attack for being a Hindu.
153Another Hindu Priest Slaughtered by Islamist Jihadis in Bangladesh 70-year-old Hindu priest, Ananda Gopal Ganguly, was on Tuesday hacked to death in Bangladesh by three suspected Islamic State (IS) jihadists who nearly severed his head
154Minor girl gangraped & filmed by 5 Muslims in Moradabad, UP Pradesh2016-07-08A 17-year old minor girl was abducted from her home and gang-raped by 5 Muslim men in Kalerkhedi village, Moradabad district, West UP. The rape was filmed by the criminals and sent to the father and relatives of the victim, after the girl refused to be blackmailed.
155Two Muslims Arrested for Shooting at Cow Protection Volunteers in Gurgaon to MurderBharatHaryana2016-07-09Two Muslim criminals – Javed and Iklash – shot and injured two cow protection volunteers (Gau Raksha Dal) on June 25 morning. The shooting took place when six volunteers were attempting to confront beef transporters on the Kundli-Manesar-Palwal Expressway.
156Gang rape of a 21 year old girl in Bihar by Muslim Men girl was gang-raped by five men in Bihar’s Motihari district on 15 June after she and her mother protested against an earlier molestation attempt by the main accused, Samiullah.Names of the other accused are Aliullah, Javiullah, Smrullah, Klimullah and Nurullah – all relatives of Samiullah.
157Hindu Dalit Girl Attempts Suicide After Rape Bid by Muslim SP Leader’s Relative Pradesh2016-07-14The daughter of a Hindu Dalit farmer from Sarkhara Khas village, Moradabad district, Western UP, tried to commit suicide by drinking pesticide after a sexual assault by the relatives of a local SP leader – Aasgar, Nazim and one other.
158Muslim Party in Tamil Nadu Wants Death to LGBT community SpeechBharatTamil Nadu2016-07-14A poster asking for death sentence to homosexuals and other members of the LGBT community was put up in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, by a Muslim Party called ‘Indian National League’ a day after the tragic mass shooting at a Gay Nightclub in Orlando, US where 50 people were killed.
159Woman Thrashed, Stripped, Fingers Hacked After Cow Enters Muslim Neighbour’s Field in Malda AssaultBharatWest Bengal2016-07-18A group of villagers, led by one Harun Sheikh, in West Bengal’s Malda district allegedly stripped a 33-year-old woman, thrashed her and chopped two fingers off her left hand after her cow ate grains from Sheikh’s fields.
1603 Hindu priests threatened in Rangpur, Pirojpur & Patuakhali BangladeshBangladesh2016-07-19Three Hindu priests in Rangpur and Pirojpur have been threatened with murder amid a spate of attacks on minorities across Bangladesh.The priests are Bijoy Chakraborty from Rangpur, and Ruhidas Pal and Salil Mukherjee Sibu from Pirojpur.
161Land grabbers demolish temple in Munshiganj BangladeshBangladesh2016-07-20On Sunday in the 20th July tamjed Mia Gong, a land grabber smashed a temple house by attacking taht is made up of tin and wood. He also threats to leave Hindus from home soon if they don’t that he will kill them.
162Guntur Church uses Derogatory Language against Hindu Gods SpeechBharatAndhra Pradesh2016-07-21Villagers of Kankanaalapalli village in coastal Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh have objected to the derogatory language used for Hindu Gods/Goddesses in Christian missionary preaching carried out by a Church in the village.
163BSP’s Naseemuddin Siddiqui Leads Mob Asking 12-year Old Girl Be ‘Served’ To Them Speech, HarassmentBharatUttar Pradesh2016-07-22Senior BSP leader Naseemuddin Siddiqui led a mob of party workers who abused Dayashankar’s wife, 12-year old daughter and sister. The mob demanded that the women from Dayashankar’s family be “served” to them.
164Cow Traffickers Ram Multiple Cars, Crushing 3 to Death in Amravati, Maharashtra a shocking escape attempt by a cow smuggler in Amravati, Maharashtra, a family of 3 were killed and more than 40 people injured, when he drove his truck on high speed hitting at least 12 cars from Warud to Chandur Bazar
165Aligarh’s Hindus Insecure After Molestation of Newly-Wed Woman, Sexual HarassmentBharatUttar Pradesh2016-07-25A 19-year-old newly married Hindu woman was molested by four Muslims – Nadeem, Suheil, Ismail and Danish – on Wednesday night which led to a clash between the two communities.
16610 yrs Hindu boy murdered by air through rectum at Narayanganj factory 10-year-old boy died after some workers allegedly pumped air into his body through the rectum at a factory in Narayanganj
167A Hindu man killed in AL factional clash in Mathbaria, Pirojpur man was killed and four others were injured in a factional clash of the ruling Awami League in Mathbaria upazila town
168Muslim Blockade of Narayana Temple in Kalpakanchery, Malappuram, Kerala BharatKerala2016-07-26The temple is in ruins having suffered the wrath of believers in 1921 and subsequent riots against Hindus. Hamsakutty, a Muslim who lives near the temple claims that 30 of the 34 cents of the temple land is his. And to seize the property, he along with others constructed a fence and blocked entry of Hindus for worship to the temple.
169Young Muslim Writer in Kerala Attacked by Islamist Radicals For ‘Insulting’ God young Muslim writer was assaulted by 4 people – Jaffar and three unidentified men – in the Palakkad district of Kerala for allegedly insulting God in the title of his new collection of short stories.
170Quran set on fire in Pakistan, Hindus fear for their safety PakistanPakistan2016-07-26An unknown person set fire to the Holy Quran and the burnt pages have created tensions in Ghotki, Pakistan, and the entire Ghotki has been shut down.Islamic clerics Bharchundi Peers are pointing fingers at the Hindu community which has made the community fearful of its safety.
171Hindu Teenager, Sateesh Kumar, Shot Dead Over Quran ‘Desecration’ in Pakistan Hindu boys have been shot at Mirpur Mathelo , Ghotki district, Sindh province – Sateesh Kumar was shot in the back and died, while Avinash has been seriously wounded.
17214 year old raped for 6 months by Yunus Ahmad Pradesh2016-08-30 14-year-old girl reached a Bulandshahr police station with an aborted fetus in a polythene bag. The accused Yunus Ahmad, a neighbour of the girl, raped her over six months and was forced to terminate her pregnancy at the hands of a quack.
173Married Hindu woman stalked on social media by Muslim man harassmentBharatMaharashtra2016-09-01After 22 years of having last seen each other, two 43-year-olds met at a school reunion. Soon, Fakhruddin Badri alias Fakri started making advances at the woman Sandy Sen (name changed). After she rejected them, he allegedly harassed her through messages and even a fake Facebook profile. His constant harassment temporarily landed him behind bars.
174Hindu student expelled from Convent for sporting Tilak Christian FundamentalismBharatJammu & Kashmir2016-09-08Hindu student was asked to leave school by Christian principal as he had a Tilak on forehead. Later when parents and Bajrang Dal intervened, the school backtracked and Principal apologized
175rioting in Sikar Town, Rajasthan over minor issue dispute in a locality near Kalyanji Temple, involving children, led to clashes between Muslims and Hindus
17617-year-old lured by Muslim painter posing as Engineer on FB JihadChild Sex AbuseBharatKarnatakaBengaluru2017-05-29A 17-year-old-girl who fell in love with a man from Odisha, settled in Kerala by looking at his Facebook profile was brought back to Bengaluru by the police. She was allegedly raped by the man who promised to marry her. The man has been arrested under the POCSO Act.
Mohammed Asif, 21, had an impressive profile on Facebook. While checking the FB profiles, he saw this girl’s profile, who was studying in a prestigious college in Bengaluru. To impress her, Asif introduced himself as an engineer, When in reality, he was working as a painter.
1774 Muslims arrested for making and circualting derogatory video against Hindu Dharma SpeechOnline HateBharatUttar PradeshGhaziabad2017-07-11Four men in their early 20s were arrested in Loni on Monday for allegedly circulating a short video intended to hurt religious sentiments. The incident came to light after the video, which is nearly 1.58 minutes long, landed on a WhatsApp group comprising members of the Hindu Yuva Vahini.
178Villagers fired upon by cow smugglers Smuggler TerrorBharatUttar PradeshBadaun2017-07-15Cow smugglers kill half-a-dozen stray cattle, fire shots in Uttar Pradesh's Badaun district
179Tourists attacked in Odisha after protesting ill-treatment of cattle by traffickers Smuggler TerrorAssaultBharatOdisha2017-07-16Software engineer, B Venketeswaran Kannan (35), from Hyderabad who had planned a tour with family and friends to Bhubaneswar; en route at Rayagada (Odisha) area they witnessed cattle traffickers who were severely beating up around 500 livestock after binding the legs of the animals with plastic ropes.

On Kannan and his group’s intervention the traffickers got irked and started to rough up the 4 males with sticks and axes and also molested 3 females in the group. Getting no response from police helpline, the tourists begged for forgiveness and bended at the traffickers’ feet. Kannan suffered serious head injuries in the attack. The tourists later filed an FIR and met the District Collector.
180Muslim Mob Attacks Hindus with Guns & Rods, Destroys Shops, Molests Women in Agra, UP ViolenceSexual HarassmentBharatUttar PradeshAgra2017-08-09Shahid’s son Asif was accidentally hit by Mahesh’s bike, due to which Mahesh was thrashed up. Later, Shahid’s son and nephew brought along some friends who had guns, rods and wooden sticks (lathis) with them. All hell broke loose after their arrival, as they smashed up at least 6 shops including Satto Lal Kachoriwale, Manish Sweets, Basant sweets. They even molested some women who were coming out of a nearby Hanuman temple.
181Muslims erect tent next to temple in Bhopal, conduct namaz, cook non-veg, strew remains Pradesh2017-08-13There is communal tension in Bhopal after an incident that occurred last week at Vishwanath Mahadev Mandir near Kaliya-Soth dam, as per this report.

On 13th Aug, a group of Muslims gathered near the temple and erected a tent. They then proceeded to pray (do namaz), before cooking non-veg which caused an unbearable stench for the Hindu devotees who had come to the temple.
1827 Muslims Accused of Sexually Harassing Girls & Women in Bharaich, UP – 4 Arrested harassmentBharatUttar PradeshBharaich2017-08-23Locals accuse Irfan, Sharib, Aamir, Fardeen, Sajid, Nihal, Ubaid of often performing obscene acts and harassing school-going girls and other women in the area. If anyone opposed them, they would threaten physical harm.
183Karnataka Government Diverts Temple Funds to Christian Schools, Says NO to Hindu Schools ControlBharatKarnataka2017-08-23On the heels of the controversial decision by Karnataka Government’s HRCE department to deny funds from Sri Kollur Mookambika Temple to 2 Hindu-run schools in Dakshina Kannada district, comes a shocking revelation that funds from the Kateel Durga Parameshwari Temple are being diverted to 5 Christian missionary schools
184Muslim Gang Attacks Dairy Shop Owner Who Objected to Harassment of Girls – Firozabad, UP HarassmentBharatUttar PradeshFirozabad2017-08-24A dairy shop owner, Anuj Shroti, was assaulted by a gang of Muslims after Anuj and some other shopkeepers objected to obscene remarks by 3 drunk Muslim youth on female passersby.
185RSS leader Vipin murdered in Malappuram, Kerala – Islamists Suspected TerrorBharatKeralaTirur2017-08-24
Vipin, 30, a native of Tirur, was attacked near Pulinchode in Tirur around 7 am
186Mobile shop owner attacked by 4 Muslims PradeshRae Barelli2017-08-24mobile shop owner Bhole Singh was assaulted by Javed Khan, Usman, Shibbu and Puttan Khan. Police has arrested the 4 attackers and shop owner Bhole Singh.
1876 held for raping migrant laborerRapeBharatGujaratRajkot2017-09-136 men, including Irfan Sidibadshah, Sohilali Majgul, Iqbal Majgul, Junip Chiroya, arrested for raping 39-year-old farm laborer after her husband was taken away by 1 accused on some prextet.
188Minor Dalit Girl Raped by Christian Pastor in Chittoor, AP; Church Higher Ups Attempt Cover Up Sex Abuse Paedophile PastorBharatAndhra PradeshChitoor2017-09-03A Christian pastor was caught raping a 12-year-old girl in Kuravakaluva village of Renigunta mandal in Chittoor district, Andhra Pradesh
189Hindu Man Lynched to Death by ‘Minority’ Mob in UP CrimeBharatUttar PradeshSitapur2017-09-0430-year-old Balram Lodhi lynched to death by a group of men belonging to the ‘minority’ community on Monday evening in village Katra, Rampur-Mathura police station area, Sitapur district, central UP