Pastor plans to convert TN into Christian state, national anti-conversion law needed immediately

The malpractices adopted by Christian missionaries worldwide is not an untold story anymore. Right from the celebrated ‘Mother’ Teresa, who converted the poor and hungry people of communism-stricken Bengal to Christianity before handing them a painkiller, to the modern-day pastors spread across the southern states, Punjab, Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh, the tactics of “spreading the gospel” are turning shameful by the hour.

A video has recently surfaced exposing a pastor in Tamil Nadu, Mohan Lazarus, who can be been giving out sales (conversion) targets to his followers just like any ponzi scheme operator would.

In the above video, what the pastor preaches in Tamil, can be roughly translated to, “We have got news that there are 38000 sabhas (churches) of the Pentecostal church in Tamizh Nadu. A total of 6,00,0000 followers of this great faith.

If each of them bring in one “Atma”(person) to the faith in the coming year, we will be 1 crores and twenty lakhs. Then if the process repeats, in five years, the whole of Tamizh Nadu will be Pentecostal. Every person in this audience and the Sabha should take up this in a charged manner.”

Though this video is enough to enrage anyone, being a Hindu, mercy comes naturally to us and we end up pitying this poor pastor and his religion which treats faith like a business. If one is busy in setting up targets to increase follower-ship, and not the depth of spirituality in the followers, it only exposes the folly and lack of gravity that particular religion holds.

From the statement of Pastor Lazarus in the video above, one can defer that these people have an entire road map of converting the whole of Tamil Nadu into a ‘Christian state’ and are just waiting to walk that map.  With every follower given a target of bringing in fresh followers of Christianity, these pastors are aping the growth model of multi-level-marketing corporates like Amway or Avon. Their religion has become their product. Given that most Hindus are open-minded in nature and are not religious fanatics, they become an easier target for this machinery that employs monetary gains, education/medical benefits and quack healing as pegs to convert Hindus into Christianity.

Not encouraged by the love of Jesus, such pastors are motivated by the money they make from Christian NGOs running on foreign funds to expand the culthood. They are just as threatening to the demography of Bharat as the radical Islamists who dream of a Ghazwa-e-Hind.

Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh have become the haven of Hindu-hating pastors. Back in July 2019, TN Bishop Ezra, who is known for his controversial remarks about the Hindu faith, had invoked his followers to ‘punch Hindus in the face till the Hindu concedes that there is no religion as Hinduism’.  In December 2019, Pastor Praveen was booked for abusing Hindu Gods and boasting about kicking murtis of Hindu gods and the joy he felt in doing such heinous acts.

We don’t have any hate for any religion, we are not made that way. But when preachers of any religion, be it Christianity or Islam, turn their religion into a cult and instead of meditating on their Prophets or Messengers direct all their energies toward eradicating the religion & culture of different lands through power, deceit, and violence, it becomes incumbent upon the inhabitants of the land under attack to put their foot down and throw these missionaries & evangelists out of their land.

This demands immediate attention of the government at the center. Bharat needs a nationwide anti-conversion law to counter and thwart such evil designs. Much like the CAA, the Anti-Conversion Act needs to be passed through both the houses and signed off by the President. The channels through which monetary transactions flow for this evil purpose of demographic change through conversion should be identified and severed for good.  We have all our hopes resting in the Modi government who have complete cognizance of what such missionaries are striving to achieve.

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