Watch these 2 videos to clear your doubts about CAA and NRC

At a time when separatists and the country’s left-liberal media & intelligentsia are spreading brazen propaganda against the CAA (Citizenship Amendment Act) & planned national NRC (National Register of Citizens) exercise, and the Muslim minority is being whipped into a frenzy to burn the nation, it is high time that ordinary citizens stepped forward to dispel the climate of fear and doubt and put the facts forward.

It becomes incumbent upon every right-thinking citizen to apprise themselves of all the facts, separate the wheat from the chaff, and then inform others around them.

Here we share two videos that will help you in this very important task.

1.) A simple, concise overview –

2.) An explanation about the Constitutional & legal details –

Let’s build a strong, safe & secure Bharat where every citizen lives with mutual respect, safety and dignity. Let’s not allow those itching for another partition on religious lines and those who want to splinter Bharat to succeed in furthering their poisonous agenda.

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