15 Hindus lynch Muslim Milkman in Mecca for asking money after they broke Ekadashi fast at his shop

A group of 4 Hindus went to a Muslim doodhwala (milkman) in Mecca on the day of Ekadashi, and broke their fast at sunset at his shop.  They drank down 15 cups of milk, and started to leave without paying. When the doodhwala asked for payment, they refused, abused and threatened him – after all, how did a Mleccha have the courage to ask Hindus for payment for breaking Ekadashi fast? Within 30 minutes, they returned with 12 other Hindu accomplices, and beat the Muslim doodhwala to death.

Sounds incredible right?  Can’t happen, right? First of all, Hindus are not allowed in Mecca, so the above scenario can’t ever happen.

But switch the places of Hindu and Muslim. Switch Mecca with Mathura. Switch Ekadashi with Ramzan-Roza. Switch doodh with lassi. Switch Mleccha to Kafir. And the exact event described above happened on 18th May, 2019.  

And wonder of wonders is that there has not been a single English MSM outlet that has covered this. Only Ten news covered it (not exactly a major outlet) in full detail.

The Times of India (ToI) covered it only the day the shopkeeper died, which was about a week after the event happened. Furthermore, they buried it in their city news. This was only a local “jhagda” (dispute) after all, right? Not like the lynching of Junaid, which was national news & beef related [even though the Haryana high court, after investigation, said it was an argument over train seats].  And here too, ToI hid the identity of the killers, not naming names, or their community in the headline.

What about candle-lit marches?  What about award wapsi nataks (dramas)? Don’t hold your breath folks, this ain’t happening. Most of those guys are busy at their iftar appeasement “look how secular I am” parties.  What about the high profile folks who talk about how “afraid” Muslims are. Every week we hear of Muslim groups aggressively and violently dealing with Hindus, and yet it is THEY who are afraid?

Well, I am Hindu, and I am very afraid. Will Naseeruddin Shah, Prannoy Roy, Nidhi Razdan, and others speak up for me? Not a chance. Because I’m a Hindu. And so are you. We don’t have these voices speaking for us brothers and sisters. We have to speak up for ourselves. And we have to speak up for the poor lassiwala Bharat Yadav, whose only crime was that he dared ask our “afraid minority” for money for lassi they guzzled down to break their roza fast.

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