4 Dalit Victims that Rahul, Kejriwal and Media Won’t Outrage Over

After Rohith Vemula, the Dalit youths who were brutally assaulted in Una have become the latest cause célèbre for our self-proclaimed social justice champions like Rahul Gandhi and Arvind Kejriwal. Likewise, English language media too is inundated with daily reports, analyses and interviews about the Una atrocity, and is breathlessly reporting every utterance on this issue by left-secular politicians.

Not surprisingly, Rohith Vemula’s suicide & Una caused an international outcry as well, and have provided a convenient stick for media outlets like New York Times, BBC, Guardian to etc. beat Hindus and the Modi Government with.

But in the sea of tears being shed for Hindu Dalits, it is pertinent to note that only certain Dalit victims are selectively chosen for the choreographed outrage. The identity of the perpetrator and the location where the crime is committed are the two deciding factors that ultimately decide the outrage-level of the left-liberal ecosystem.

Strategic Silence Over Certain Dalit Atrocities

Here are four recent crimes committed against Dalits, which were greeted with relative silence compared to the 24×7 outrage over Rohith Vemula’s suicide and the Una flogging –

1.)  Godhra, Gujarat – Dalit boy kidnapped & thrashed by 15 Muslims in Gujarat for ‘affair’ with Muslim Girl.

“A 20-year-old dalit man was kidnapped and thrashed by the members of minority community in Godhra on Tuesday night. Akshay Chauhan, a resident of Baharpura area in Godhra was kidnapped by about 15 Muslim community members when he went in Phoolsaiyad Society to meet a girl he was in relationship with. The incident occurred when Akshay was sitting on the terrace of the girl’s house. “Chauhan said that some Muslim boys came at the girl’s house on motorbikes. They began shouting at Akshay and asked him to come down. The girl’s family members too were present in the house but the accused broke open the door and came in,” said Godhra police inspector, N V Patel.

The accused then began abusing Akshay and made disparaging remarks about his caste, the police said. “They were angry with Chauhan as he kept visiting their area and spent time with the girl. The group thrashed Chauhan and then dragged him out of the girl’s house. He was beaten up again and then the accused took him to a field near by, where they thrashed him again,” Patel told TOI. Chauhan told police that the assailants thrashed him with belts and sticks. The police said that some of the accused took out a sword and attacked him. He sustained injuries on his face and back but managed to flee from the spot and reached his house.”

 2.)  Kozhikode, Kerala – Dalit Girl Student Molested by Muslim Professor.

“The Kerala police have registered a case against a college professor here for allegedly molesting a Dalit girl student. Prof Azeez Tharuvana, a native of Vellamunda in Wayanad, is a faculty member of a well-known college in Kozhikode district. The case is that he outraged the modesty of the dalit student after inviting her to his quarters in April last year. The police are searching for the accused.”

And there are many more like this Dalit girl student who have suffered at the hands of sex criminals in Kerala. Like law student Jisha who was brutally raped and killed by Assamese migrant Ameerul Islam, or the Dalit nursing student gang-raped after being trapped by a love jihadi, or the minor Dalit girl raped for over two months by a gang of 7 Muslims. Are these girls or their families children of lesser Gods that our media-anointed social justice messiahs like Rahul Gandhi and Kejriwal have not thought it fit to pay them a visit?

3.) Mainpuri, UP – Dalit couple axed to death for Rs 15 in UP

“A Dalit couple was axed to death by a shopkeeper in Lakhmipur village of Uttar Pradesh’s Mainpuri district on Thursday for allegedly non-payment of Rs. 15 that they had borrowed from him. The couple, Bharat and Mamta, had left home in the morning for sowing paddy, but they were stopped by the shopkeeper who asked them to payback his money that led to an argument between them. In a fit of rage, Ashok attacked them with an axe and they died on the spot.”

Incidentally, Mainpuri is the Samajwadi Party family stronghold – Tej Pratap Singh Yadav, grand nephew of Mulayam Singh Yadav, is the current MP from Mainpuri.

4.) Babutola, Bihar – Two Dalit youth beaten, urinated upon for ‘stealing’ bike in Bihar

“Two Dalit youths were beaten and urinated upon by some men allegedly for stealing a motorcycle in Muzaffarpur district of Bihar, according to an FIR filed by the mother of one of the victims. “In her FIR, Sunita Devi said her son Rajiv Kumar Paswan and his friend Munna Paswan were caught on July 20 by Mukesh Thakur and his henchmen, when they were roaming in the fair,” a district police official said.”

So what is it that disqualifies these 4 Dalit victims from the personalized visits of the Congress yuvraj (prince), Rahul Gandhi, and the icon of ‘clean politics’, Arvind Kejriwal? Why is no one in media hounding the so-called secular parties ruling the states of Kerala, Bihar and UP for these crimes under their watch? In the first two cases, the perpetrators of the crimes are Muslim, while in the other two cases the crimes have occurred under the rule of secular-socialist parties. Hence the 4 incidents do not fit well with the agenda of demonizing Modi, BJP, RSS and Hindutva. This cartoon says it well –

Politics Over Dalit Victims

With the important UP 2017 state elections round the corner, the Dalit political pot must be kept boiling to ensure ‘secularism’ prevails by hook or crook. That is all that matters for the left-liberal ecosystem.



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