62 UP Policemen got gunshot injuries in anti-CAA rioting

Even as the national media obsesses over UP DGP O.P. Singh’s statement that not a single bullet was fired by police at the so-called protesters during the anti-CAA rioting that rocked Muslim dominated localities across UP, it has emerged that a staggering 250 policemen were injured, 62 of them with gunshot injuries.

An apparently viral video showing a policeman raising his gun to open fire amid sound of gunshots during clashes between police and ‘protesters’ in Yateemkhana area of Kanpur, which witnessed massive violence on Saturday, is being used to prove the UP top cop wrong.

Other police officials stating how police exercised maximum restraint and used teargas shells and rubber pellets to disperse the rioting mobs, is being reported as ‘joining the chorus’ by MSM outlets like Times of India.

In response to a propaganda tweet by pro-Islamist, fake-news peddling ‘journalist’ CJ Werleman (note this profile & interview of Werleman by Shekhar Gupta’s The Print, which attempts to present him as a sensible voice fighting against ‘Islamophobia’ ), UP police put out some stark facts to expose the true nature of the ‘peaceful protests’ where rioters are being presented as innocent victims by left-liberal media.

Now, lets take a look at the front page of the Kanpur edition of largest selling Hindi daily Dainik Jagran to find out what really happened at Yateemkhana area of Kanpur on the afternoon of 21 December –

“Attack on Yateemkhana police station, 4 vehicles burnt” says the headline above. The article describes how rioting mobs disrupted peace in the city of Kanpur for the second successive day. Around 4.15, the protesting mob started pelting stones on police. Police lathi-charged them in response. While retreating, the mob attacked the Yateemkhana police station and set fire to old vehicles parked outside. When police fired teargas shells to disperse the crowd, the rioters responded by shooting firearms and hurling petrol and country bombs.

The following policemen were injured – constable Arpit Singh received a bullet wound in the shoulder; Inspector (IB) Ejaz-ur-Rehman, ASI Prabal Kumar and Constable VK Kumar suffered head injuries. Police arrested 15 rioters and filed a report against Haji Salim (member of the banned extremist organisation SIMI) and 1500 others. One sitting MLA and one ex MLA from Samajwadi Party were arrested for obstructing police. As per ADG Prem Prakash, SIMI and Asaduddin Owaisi’s Hyderabad-based AIMIM party had a major role in inciting the violence.

The article also informs us that the Yateemkhan police station was established after a similar riot broke out in this ‘sensitive’ area in 2001 when a Muslim mob actually shot dead ADM CP Pathak while he was trying to control the situation.

Is UP police being targeted for ‘daring’ to open fire on Islamist rioters?

Now ask yourself – in which country is police not allowed to fire back in self-defence when they are facing a barrage of bullets, stones & petrol bombs?

In Aug 2017, when Dera Sacha Sauda followers resorted to violence in Panchkula following the conviction of their leader Gurmeet Ram Rahim, Haryana police took stern action and shot dead at least 30 Dera followers and injured another 250. Not one secular-liberal elite complained – in fact, many of them were demanding a police crackdown even before the court verdict against Ram Rahim.

Likewise, in the violent Jat agitation (another fire lit by Congress) that rocked Haryana in early 2016, 30 people were killed, many shot dead by security forces including the Army that had to be called in to contain the violence. No liberals complained or indulged in breast-beating then either.

The targeting of UP police seems to be linked to the implicit permission that Islamist mobs have to indulge in violence in states ruled by ‘secular’ forces. Our secular-liberal cabal probably wished to see a repeat of the ‘police restraint’ demonstrated during the violent 2012 Azad Maidan rioting (when INC-NCP coalition was in power in Maharashtra) or the 2015 Ambur rioting by a 6000+ Islamist mob which overran 800 police personnel (when AIADMK beholden to Islamists was in power in TN).

Rather than questioning why & how impressionable Muslim youth are being fed misinformation about CAA & NRC and being instigated to riot during the weekly Friday prayers or by unscrupulous communal politicians, our English language media & left-liberal elites are offering covering fire for the rioters to run amok!

English-speaking urban upper middle class needs to wake up and smell the coffee – if you are buying what ToI, HT, IE, NDTV, CNN-News 18, India Today, Telegraph etc are selling, you are going to be in for a rude shock sooner or later.

(Featured Image source: jagran.com)

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