An Army Veteran writes – “Had I been the captured Wing Commander, my appeal to my countrymen would be…”

I am a Soldier, a Soldier of the Indian Nation and am proud of being one.

I know what I am doing and have been trained to do so, since my age of Sixteen.

I know my liabilities and also my rights and have faith in my government. No, I repeat, No mass hysteria is required or desired for my release. The very fact that the Pakistan government has paraded me as a captured soldier, they have responsibility to the comity of Nations to release me at the earliest and without any harm or torture.

My media friends, please stop making a circus outside my home or my parent’s home. My family is a family of warriors and we know what to do and have the support of the government and soldier fraternity of this Nation. They will do all that they can to have an early release. Your eagerness to get sound bites and posting of photographs and videos etc can only harm their morale. Knowing them I know they will stay strong.

Pak Armed Forces have been asking for information and I have been politely refusing to divulge the same and only giving them my service number and rank, however, the media inadvertently has been naming the name of the unit, the aircraft I was flying, the likely weaponry it should have been carrying, the names and place of residence of my parents and my family. I think the Pakistan Army can gather more information from our media than from me henceforth.

#SayNoToWar is a Hashtag trending on the twitter handles of @shahfaesal, @kavita_krishnan, @ReallySwara, and scores of their ilk. This is trending in form of tweets by a lot of Pak and Terror apologists masquerading as Peaceniks. Their aim, it appears, is to create mass hysteria in my name and there by prevent further escalation/ punishment to terror groups and terror sponsors. My earnest request, please stop this Hashtag game of # SayNoToWar and instead endorse #SayNoToTerrorFromPakistan.

Please leave me in my present state and situation, stop politicking the same and I have no doubt in my mind that the government is already working for my early release.

(The author is an Army Veteran and took a voluntary retirement in the rank of Colonel after the successful command of a Rashtriya Rifles Battalion in J&K. He may be contacted at [email protected] and on Twitter at @vickypats66. The views expressed are personal.)

Editor’s Note

This piece was written before the announcement of Wing Commander Abhinandan’s release. We are happy that better sense prevailed in Pakistan after their gross violation of international norms by releasing videos of the captured pilot. The Government’s resolute refusal to negotiate the Wing Commander’s release has again delivered a clear message that Bharat will not give in to Pakistan’s blackmail.

While one may hope that the English-language media and Lutyens’ mafia which tried to whip up mass hysteria over the Wing Commander’s release have learnt a lesson, history tells us that their behavior is unlikely to change. Common citizens will have to remain eternally vigilant against such pernicious agendas.

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