Anti-Hindu, closet Islamists spew venom on the Ram Mandir verdict

About 90 people were taken in custody, and over 1000 social media posts were taken down after the Supreme Court verdict on the long running Ram Janmabhoomi matter. Shockingly, none of the provocative tweets sent out by educated radicals masquerading as journalists were removed, and none of them were booked by the respective state police.

While we give credit to media houses that were responsible in their handling of the subject, we cannot deny the existence of The Wire and its ‘journalists’ who claim to be ‘the torchbearers of secularism’ in the country. 

From the moment the verdict was announced, Arfa Khannum Sherwani took to twitter to fling muck on every institution that is hailed as ‘secular’ as long as their actions fan the Islamist’s ego. 

Here are some examples of the verbal diarrhea she exhibited on the social media platform.  

The self-styled journalist of ‘The Wire’, not only expresses her discontent with the apex court’s ruling but shows the temerity of insulting it repeatedly – at times through her own tweets, at times by propagating equally vicious tweets by other anti-Hindu termites infesting Bharat. 

But what came as an interesting, enraging tweet, which is equally funny for the irony it displays is this one. 

Now, generations had seen the grand abode of Bhagwan Ram at the Janmabhoomi, standing tall at its place, since antiquity. Then they witnessed a tyrant invader tear down their place of worship, reducing it to a heap of rubble. And then they saw a mosque being erected on that very sanctified land to assert that the religion followed by the invader was the only true religion, and the path of dharma originating in this land was that of the kafirs. It would have been difficult for them to accept it, but they did. 

Generations had seen this entire civilization to be one Bharat, till one day a particular ‘minority’ voted in favor of chopping it off to make a new country that would be administered as per their religion, and not any secular constitution. People of that generation found it difficult to accept it, but they did.  

Generations had lived in the Kashmir valley believing it to be their home – for it was so. And then some religious fanatics came in, raped their daughters and sisters, murdered them and threw them out of the valley. It was difficult to accept the fanaticism of these radicals for that generation also, but they did. 

So, when generations of the tolerant Hindu population have witnessed their sacred temples being demolished, their country being divided, their homes being seized, it is only fair that the Arfa Khannums of the world sit back and try to accept the fair and square verdict delivered by the apex curt of the country, unanimously. 

Now, we must give credit to the administration of all the state governments, that despite a verdict of this importance being passed, no communal riots have broken out yet. This peace is not sitting well with Washington Post columnist, Rana Ayyub. 

To give you a little background on Rana Ayyub: After the infamous Bengal nun rape case of 2015, Ayyub had accused Hindus of committing a hate crime on Christians. Later it was revealed that the perpetrators were Bangladeshi infiltrators. Rana Ayyub is also notorious for her misleading book on the 2002 Gujarat riots, which was rebuked by the Supreme court.

The Washington Post writer seems to be having an agonizing time without any communal flare ups post the Ram Janmabhoomi verdict. In the below mentioned tweet, doesn’t the desperate writer of hate-infested fiction appear to encourage Indian Muslims to riot? 

Not surprisingly, the entire left-liberal eco-system was mourning and cursing the verdict. Here is another irrelevant twitter activist adding her 2 cents.

What was funny was the reaction of Bollywood newbie Taapsee Pannu. While the biggest names in the industry accepted the verdict, the Pink actress, hours after expressing her gratitude for the Kartarpur corridor, had the nerve to ridicule Hindus over the Ram Mandir. 

Pakistan was not very happy with the judgement either. While we leave you with one of their spiteful tweets smeared with venom, we continue to wonder, why does Pakistan worry about Bharat so much when their own country is in shambles. 

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