‘Holy’ Cross vs Trident (Trishul) – India Today bares its anti-Hindu fangs

A renewed effort by the Church to encroach forest land close to the iconic Sabarimala temple in Kerala by planting wooden crosses resulted in a retaliatory planting of sacred trishul by Hindus recently.

The local officials ordered removal of the newly planted crosses, but as expected the CPM government came under pressure from the Church and CM Pinarayi Vijayan himself issued orders to stall the cross removal and to file FIR against those who planted the trishul in protest.

Now the matter has reached High Court after a petition was filed against the Government over this encroachment on land, sacred to Hindus, which originally belonged to the Govt. controlled Travancore Devaswom Board.

But how does our Hindu-hating, Anglicized ‘mainstream’ media report the issue?

Sample this slant by India Today group, run by elite HINO (Hindu in Name Only) Aroon Purie –

Anti-Hinduism has seeped so deep in large sections of our English-speaking urban class that such blatant bias does not even register with them. Fed on a steady diet of Marxist secularism, and desperate since the 1990s to conform to Western universalism and gain acceptance into the global citizens’ club, they are ever-ready to disparage anything related to the faith of their ancestors.

For India Today, the act of planting a trishul in front of the cross is a ‘bid to stir trouble’ – their video report makes no mention of the fact that it was 3 wooden crosses appearing recently in the area which  prompted a response from Hindu activists.

They also make no mention of the fact that the Kerala High Court has accepted a petition in the matter, or that the Travancore Devaswom Board President A Padmakumar has stated how 269 acres of temple land at Panchalimedu was ‘lost’ over a period of time.

For the liberals at India Today, the baseline assumption for any news story is that it is Hindu groups that are ‘fringe’, ‘extremist’ and ‘trouble-makers’ – and once this narrative has been established, facts cease to matter.

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