IPS officer corrects veteran journalist Shekhar Gupta for irresponsible tweet on Telangana encounter

The police encounter death of 4 accused rapists in the brutal Telangana rape & murder case has invited varied responses from different sections of society. The common man, fed up with the nauseating sight of rapists being let off on bail and such cases dragging on for years on end, has by & large cheered what occurred. But activists have criticised, with some justification, the police version of events and claimed that such ‘instant justice’ allegedly bypassing due process of law is dangerous.

So one would expect a veteran journalist to understand both sides of the coin and offer a measured viewpoint on this sensitive topic. But our liberal media high-priests/priestesses have a habit of talking down to the citizenry & going overboard to make their point.

Shekhar Gupta, founder and editor-in-chief of The Print and ex-editor of Indian Express, thought it necessary to label those supporting the Telangana police action as votaries of ISIS & Taliban style executions and Communist kangaroo courts. He also arrived at the conclusion that Bharat is still not a modern, civilised state as we are willing to sacrifice due process to punish ‘others’.

This is a template followed quite frequently by Hinduphobic liberals – at the drop of a hat, Hindus are compared to the most radical and dangerous elements in other societies to keep them in a perpetual state of shame. So, police action in an encounter becomes similar to ISIS & Taliban execution squads, and similarly Hindus groups protesting against pre-marital sexual relations are named ‘Hindu Taliban’. Every issue is twisted to fit some pet liberal narrative – so while people applauding the death of these 4 rapists don’t care that 3 of them have Hindu names while 1 is a Muslim, for Shekhar Gupta this case is useful in peddling the Muslim victimhood narrative while projecting Hindus as blood-thirsty bigots.

Celebrated IPS officer, D Roopa, who was been an articulate voice for police reforms and is also a TEDx speaker, set the record straight by reminding Shekhar Gupta that he was (1) jumping to conclusions by assuming that the encounter was illegal & (2) was completely off the mark by comparing police actions with terrorist outfits like ISIS and Taliban.

Our public discourse needs various voices, that is the sign of a healthy democracy & society. But what we don’t need is some elites talking down to the rest of us, castigating our society as one of the worst in the world, and making ridiculous comparisons to express their views.

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