Islamist propagandist Rana Ayyub lies again to vilify Hindus, gets caught

Islamist propagandist (masquerading as a journalist) Rana Ayyub has a reputation of spreading brazen lies in the name of journalism. From suppressing horrific crimes by Muslim radicals against Hindus, to fabricating incidents to present a Muslim victimhood narrative, this propagandist who writes for Washington Post has done it all.

Her latest act was concocting an imaginary conversation designed to smear a TV channel covering the Hindu suffering of the Delhi riots.

According to Rana Ayyub, the Uber Driver didn’t know that she is a Muslim. By now, every resident of Bharatiya cities is aware of how Uber functions. Even before we board the cab, the driver’s name is sent to passengers, and passengers’ name is sent to the driver. Every time one boards the cab, the driver first confirms the identity of the passenger to ensure he is picking up the right person. Throughout the trip, as the driver is guided to the passenger’s destination via GPS, the passenger’s name keeps flashing in huge letters on the driver’s phone.

Ayyub has certainly lost her touch at the craft of weaving stories to slander Hindus and demonise leaders like Modi. Her previous endeavours in falsification of facts at least used to survive for few days or months, but nowadays her lies are getting busted almost in real-time.

Back in 2015, a septuagenarian nun was gang-raped by 8 men who robbed a Catholic mission in Ranaghat, Nadia district, West Bengal. Rana Ayyub, salivating at the opportunity to put the blame of the heinous crime on her favourite punching bag, RSS & “Hindu terrorists”, authored a detailed write-up for DailyO on the incident:

“No, Mohan Bhagwat these terrorists have not infiltrated from neighboring Bangladesh. They are our very own demons indoctrinated by the hate for the haraamzadas.”

The irony lies in the fact that there is an editor’s note right below this ending sentence of Ayyub’s.

All the convicts in this crime turned out to be Bangadeshis, namely Salim Sheikh, Khaleda Rahaman Mintoo, and Ohidul Seikh among others. In 2017, they were charged under IPC sections 120B, 395, 397, 376, 376 D, 212, 216 A, and 109. The Hindu-hating journalist who had dragged the RSS though dirt and slandered Hindus as “terrorists” over this nun-rape case, showed no remorse, shame or felt the need of tendering an apology for her article laced with hate & lies.

Ayyub, who is the new Arundhati Roy, for Bharat-detesting platforms like the Washington Post, had also authored the book ‘Gujrat Files – Anatomy of a Cover-up’. She claims to have done a thorough research before putting figments of her imagination into words in the manuscript, but for all you know, she might have dipped her nib in a pot of venom for Modi before penning each word. The substandard authoring, far from reality, at best fits in the category of fiction; fantasy rather. Fantasy of every Modi hater, who hates him solely due to his strong determination of protecting Hindus, Hindutva, and Hindustan.

One of the innuendoes in Ayyub’s book was that then Gujarat CM Narendra Modi had planned ex-Gujarat Home Minister Haren Pandya’s murder who was shot dead on March 26, 2003 in Ahmedabad during a morning walk. Why? Apparently, Pandya was a political rival who had information that would nail Modi’s role in Gujarat riots.

A trial court convicted 12 Muslim men, including main accused Asghar Ali, for Haren Pandya’s murder. As per CBI investigation, the murder was carried out after instigation by a Muslim cleric Mufti Sufiyan to avenge the Gujarat riots. Gujarat High Court then acquitted the men of the murder charges claiming “botched investigation” by CBI, but retained other charges of criminal conspiracy and attempt to murder.

CBI challenged the High Court ruling in Supreme Court, which eventually upheld the original trial court verdict. The apex court trashed the use of Rana Ayyub’s book ‘Gujarat Files – Anatomy of a Cover-up’ by the defense , stating that it was predicated on suppositions, conjectures and surmises.  “The opinion of a person is not in the realm of the evidence,” held the Supreme Court.

Here is the relevant part of SC’s order.

Rana Ayyub is a serial fake news peddler and vicious Islamist propagandist as can be seen from this collection of articles on OpIndia detailing her innumerable violations of basic journalism ethics. It is shocking, but not surprising, that mainstream media elites in Bharat and ‘reputed’ publications in the West give space to this Hinduphobe to peddle her anti-Bharat narrative.

When not busy spreading misinformation to denigrate Hindus worldwide, Rana cries victim, and paints her fellow Islamists as international victims.

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