Kashmir University HOD Calls for ‘God’s sword to destroy India’ after Encounter Death of 5 Terrorists

5 Hizbul Mujahideen terrorists were killed in an encounter with security forces in south Kashmir on Sunday, and 5 civilians died during clashes between ‘protesters’ and security forces near the encounter site. This comes after 3 LeT (Lashkar-e-Taiba) terrorists were shot dead on Friday by security forces. Predictably, the severe blow to terrorists has led to much chest-beating among the hard & soft separatists who dot the secular political & media landscape.

Some media outlets have even used the term ‘militant’ for the terrorists, and there are many stories about the outpouring of grief in Kashmir over the slain terrorists. One fact has been highlighted above all else – that one of the terrorists was Mohammed Rafi Bhat, a PhD scholar and an assistant professor in the Department of Sociology at the University of Kashmir who went missing from the campus on Friday, 4 May.

The deification of ‘Professor’ Mohammed Bhat, a la Hizbul terrorist Burhan Wani who was glorified as the ‘son of a poor headmaster’  by journalists like Barkha Dutt & Harinder Baweja, is already underway, with Raghav Bahl’s The Quint leading the secular charge –

The Islamist brainwashing and normalization of terrorism is so pervasive in the Kashmir valley today that even Government servants have no qualms openly supporting the terrorists and painting the Indian state as a genocidal occupying, force.

Sample this FB post by the Kashmir University’s English Department HOD (Head of Department) Hameedah Nayeem, where the lady compared the events of Sunday to Karbala (a place in Iraq where an iconic battle took place which Shia Muslims mourn to this day), called the Government ‘blood-thirsty’ and wished for ‘God’s sword falling on them to destroy them forever’ –   

Some more digging showed that Hameedah Nayeem has been quiet open about her #BreakingIndia agenda, and has used academic platforms provided by hubs of left-liberalism  such as Aligarg Muslim University, University of Hyderabad etc. to further her poisonous, anti-Bharat views –

Here are some more tweets exposing the brazen MSM propaganda in favour of terrorists who are brainwashed, sponsored and funded by the Islamist terror state of  Pakistan –

When will we recognize the depth of the Islamist brainwashing in Kashmir and deal with the problem head on, rather than going around in circles hoping that elections and development will solve the problem? For starters, we could start by rigorously screening and monitoring what the representatives of the state believe and propagate, as this tweet suggests.

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