Meet ‘The Quint’ columnist who wants PM Modi Assassinated

Vikas Malhotra, a columnist with digital news outlets The Quint and Daily O, found himself facing flak from citizens on social media after tweeting that he wished a sniper was around to ‘create history’ during PM Modi’s recent UP election road-show.

Once the tweet was picked up on social media, people were quick to realize that Malhotra is also a columnist for controversial digital outlet The Quint, already facing flak for its role in the murky death of Army jawan Roy Matthew. Most of Malhotra’s articles on The Quint were critical of PM Modi, with the latest one claiming that BJP’s massive win in UP would see the ‘vikas’ agenda being forgotten and conflict/disruption rising instead.

After social media users protested, The Quint hastily deleted the articles by Vikas Malhotra, and founder Raghav Bahl claimed that the tweet wishing for PM’s assassination was not linked to pieces published by his organization.

The offensive tweet has now been deleted by Malhotra, and he has tweeted this clarification –

However, another recent tweet by Malhotra seems to suggest that his current ‘clarification’ notwithstanding, he is an advocate of open expression of ‘venom & abuse.’

A quick search on the internet revealed some more interesting facts.

Vikas Malhotra also writes for DailyO, an opinion site run by the Aroon Purie owned India Today group; his one published article there being critical of demonetization announced by PM Modi last year.

Another interesting fact is that Malhotra is a graduate of the Aligarh Muslim University as his LinkedIn Profile shows.

What drives such ‘liberals’?

The same set of liberals is up in arms if someone even as much as raises a question on Sonia Gandhi’s Italian roots, or her mysterious disease. But Vikas Malhotra’s flippant call for the PM’s assassination might actually find a lot more takers in the left-liberal intelligentsia, as we will show later in this article.

The fact is that Narendra Modi’s meteoric rise on the national scene has totally unsettled the nation’s left-liberal thinkers who have held absolute sway over our polity for 7 decades. As the public discourse gets more democratized, this liberal rage is rising.

With large swathes of the country now firmly behind Narendra Modi in his bid to fundamentally transform the old, decrepit Nehruvian socio-political-economic model, we can expect our left-liberals to increasingly exhibit their intolerance for democracy and team up with all sorts of #BreakingIndia forces to stem this national revival.

The line of thought which Vikas Malhotra has openly expressed, was actually spawned ten years back in a Karan Thapar column for Hindustan Times in the wake of then Gujarat CM Modi’s comprehensive win in the 2007 Gujarat assembly election. The quintessential Lutyenite, Karan Thapar, had called for the ‘sudden removal’ of Modi to stop the challenge to liberal/secular politics that he correctly foresaw from Modi. Then in 2015, Nehru-Gandhi family confidante and senior Congress leader Mani Shanker Aiyer had requested for help to ‘remove Modi‘ and bring Congress back to power, while speaking to a Pakistani TV channel.

We hope the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Home Ministry and security agencies take serious note of such voices – symbolic violence and words almost always precede actual physical violence.

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