Now, Suresh Chavhanke of Sudarshan News receives open death threat from a Muslim fanatic in Hyderabad

Abu Faizal, a Muslim fanatic from Hyderabad, has issued a death threat via video to Suresh Chavhanke, the editor-in-chief & managing director of Hindi news channel Sudarshan News.

In the wake of the brutal murder of Hindu leader Kamlesh Tiwari, such threats take on a more ominous meaning and show how emboldened such Islamic fanatics have become. And this is not the first time Suresh Chavhanke, or the few other voices like his which dare to voice politically incorrect facts or question the hypocrisy of our nation’s established secular narrative, have faced serious threats.

Sudarshan News is a Hindi news channel based in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, launched on January 26, 2007. From its inception, Sudarshan News has spoken up on pressing issues impacting national integrity. It has been at the forefront of reporting the activities of Muslim radicals across the country, and how Hindu communities in mixed population areas are at the receiving end of harassment & persecution by such elements. Hence, he is high on the hitlist of Islamists.

Last year, HinduPost had interviewed Shri Chavhanke after he undertook a ‘Bharat Bachao Yatra‘ (Save Bharat March) over 70 days, covering 20,000 km to spread awareness on the urgent need for population control and to urge the Government to introduce a 2-child policy to restrict Bharatiya citizens from having no more than two children

The rally saw an unnaturally high number of 10 ‘accidents’. In Rajasthan, a luxury bus driven by a Muslim driver rammed into their convoy three times. In the interview, Shri Chavhanke had spoken about Muslim majority no-go zones which are a law unto themselves – they are the den of illegal electricity, water connections etc. 

In 2017, another Hindi journalist, Rohit Sardana, known for his plain-speaking views had come on the Islamist hit list and was inundated with hundreds of threats via phone and social media for questioning  the movie title ‘Sexy Durga’ and wondering why the word ‘Sexy’ is prefixed only to revered Hindu goddesses like Durga, Radha etc, while no one does it for sacred figures of other religions like Ayesha, Mary etc?

Such mass threats by radical elements of a ‘minority’ community who have proven time & again their ability to come good on their threats, shows how skewed the narrative is in our country and across the world – when Hindus are painted as ‘fascists’, a fabricated story of harassment by ‘nationalists’ spread by a left-liberal news anchor makes international waves, and a mainstream leader like Rahul Gandhi believes that the real threat to Bharat is from ‘Hindu radicals’ rather than Islamic supremacism & terror.

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