Pulwama attack exposes Pakistan’s Jihad and the traitors within

The horrrific Pulwama suicide bombing has once again exposed the true face of the Pakistani state, which continues to harbor terrorists like the JeM (‘Jaish-e-Mohammad’ i.e. Army of Mohammed) group which has claimed responsibility for this dastardly attack. China is equally complicit in Pakistan’s use of Islamic terror as a state policy against Bharat, by repeatedly blocking a UN resolution declaring the JeM chief Maulana Masood Azhar as a ‘designated terrorist’.

The suicide attacker Adil Ahmad Dar alias Waqas rammed an SUV carrying more than 350 kg of explosive into a CRPF convoy of around 2,500 personnel in Awantipora town of Pulwama district, South Kashmir. 44 CRPF soldiers have died as per latest reports, and many are critically injured. We are now learning that the liberty & goodwill gesture of allowing civilians to drive their vehicles even while a security convoy is moving, allowed the terrorist to drive his explosive-laden vehicle from the service road connecting local villages to the highway.

A list of names of the CRPF men travelling the bus that was hit has been released, but there is no official confirmation on the names of the dead –

JeM has released a video of the suicide bomber, speaking before his terror mission (an earlier video was pulled down by YouTube for ‘violating terms of service’, and only a sanitized shorter version is being shared by MSM outlets now…here we provide the full video and its transcript, because we believe that the danger of such terror propaganda getting traction is secondary to the overriding need for common Hindus to understand what drives Islamic terrorists – this is something which the Indian establishment, controlled by left-seculars is desperate to keep hidden from the common man under blanket of anodyne statements like ‘terror has no religion’)

A summarized translation is as below –

“I praise you people of Kashmir for fighting this struggle, your name will be written in golden letters in history of Islam. O youth of Kashmir, the enemy doesn’t just threaten your freedom, he targets your iman (faith). He wants to influence you with his tehzeeb (culture) and deprive you of the beautiful Islamic culture. He wants to lure you with materialism, luxury and addictions to drive you away from Islam. Keep your character strong, so that the hoors (gorgeous eternally-virgin maidens) of jannat (paradise) await you.

O, you impure mushrik (non-believers) of Hindustan, listen carefully. You cow-piss drinkers do not stand a chance against us. In the past too we have dealt you impossible blows like IC814 hijacking, Parliament attack, Badami Bagh fidayeen attack, Tanghdar, Nagrota and army camps, Pathankot airbase and Pulwama police lines, destruction of BSF camp near Srinagar airport and several other such attacks with IEDs, snipers etc.

O mushriks, remember that our jihad is a part of the chain leading up to Ghazwatul-Hind (a Hadith, considered shahi or authentic by many, that says Islamic prophet Mohammed prophesized a Muslim invasion and conquest of Bharat during the end times when Dajjal – the Islamic anti-Christ – appears) – you cow-piss drinkers will be unable to stop us. This fire that you have started to oppress Kashmir and the Muslims of Hindustan, the same fire will engulf you in the shape of us mujahideen and it will grind you to dust. I swear on Allah, the minarets of Babri masjid will again echo with cries of ‘Allah-o-Akbar’. The sleeping lions (Muslims) of Hindustan will one day wake up and destroy your shirk (sinful practises like ‘idolatry’) and make you bow down in front of Islam.

After the death of the beloved nephew of our emir (leader i.e. Masood Azhar), and after recent developments in the Babri case, we took it upon ourselves to destroy your happiness – we want to create a funeral atmosphere from your homes to your temples. I have raised the Ummat’s head with pride.”

He then goes on to invite more Muslims, especially those from North Kashmir and Jammu, to join as fidayeens (terrorists who fight to death) with Jaish-e-Mohammed.

The hateful anti-Hindu rhetoric spewed by the brainwashed Kashmiri terrorist mirrors a lot of the casual bigotry directed at Hindus from left-liberal elites and Lutyens’ intelligentsia –

But what this horrific attack has also done, is expose many traitors / hypocrites on mainstream & social media, who are either cheering the deaths of our soldiers, or trying to cover up the scale of the attack or the terror nation behind it.

First, lets look at the ordinary Indians who are cheering this terror attack –


The flag-bearers of secularism on MSM are also busy condemning the Modi Government or blaming Indian TV channels in the aftermath of this terror strike –

Even American think-tankers, whom many of our Westernized elites blindly hold in high esteem, could not help but expose their duplicity –

But, it is the editors and headline writers of our English-language newspapers who, as always, are doing their bit to ensure that the average, urban Indian remains as clueless as 70 years of Nehruvian secularism and Marxist education curriculum has allowed him/her to be –

(Featured image source: NDTV Khabar)

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