The Balakot air strike never happened, nor did man land on the moon

When I first came across the theory that Americans never did land on the moon, and all the visuals and videos (much of it live) that were shown on the TV were actually shot and filmed in a studio, I immediately said I do not believe this conspiracy theory.

Creating such a studio would require a large number of people with various skills, much of it specialized.  Then, to film the visuals would require another set of large number of people with different skills, also much of it specialized. Then you have the astronauts themselves who would have to be trained in acting out a moon landing. Additionally, you would have to have the various actors in the mission control room, each of them playing their part.

A large lie would have to be scripted.

My reasoning for instantly discarding this scenario was that in a democratic and open society, such a liie would not remain a secret for even a few days.  In fact, while constructing the ‘studio’, the news would have leaked out.  Functioning democracies do tell some lies, but they will never be able to get away with such a large lie.

Now, given that so many American journalists and analysts are questioning the veracity of the surgical strikes by Bharat on the terrorist launching base, and the targeted taking out of a terrorist camp deep within Pakistan, my starting point about an open society not being able to propagate a huge lie stands shattered!  So, perhaps I should question my own belief that the conspiracy theory is a lie, and start believing that man really did not land on the moon.

The Americans questioning the statements from Government of Bharat are doing so on the basis of an undisguised public relation campaign launched by the Pakistani military.  So one has to ask whether these Americans truly have the interest of the people of the whole world at large.

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About the Author

Ashok Chowgule
Working President (External), Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Bharat.