This trailer of movie ‘Space MOMs’ will both uplift you and challenge pre-conceived notions

The upcoming movie ‘Space MOMs’ is the first dramatic production inspired by the women of Bharat’s 2014 Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM).

Radha Bharadwaj’s feature film tells the story of normal, middle class working moms who just so happen to be rocket scientists by day. These women are at the same time ordinary and extraordinary.

Here is the trailer of the film –

It is heartening to see such stories making it to the big screen. For decades, we have all been conditioned to think that ‘tradition’ is a synonym for ‘regressive’. That modernity and scientific progress demands that we junk everything in our past, and adopt the practises of the society/civilization that is excelling in this field at the moment i.e. the West.

But true progress means adopting best practises from the rest of the world, while retaining that which is unique, inspirational and timeless from your own heritage.

If every child in Bharat had been taught how our ancestors were leading scientists, philosophers, architects, town planners, craftsmen, soldiers etc. in their time, how we openly shared our knowledge with the rest of the world laying the ground for more discoveries elsewhere, today we wouldn’t be in a position where we are lagging behind the rest of the world in innovation and fundamental research.

It doesn’t take English-language skills, a shirt-pant attire and a Western outlook to become a scientist – a sari clad, traditional middle-class Hindu woman can excel just as well.

Movies like ‘Space MOM’ are like a breath of fresh air in a popular culture which is still dominated by cultural Marxists who can only see negatives in Hindu society and culture. More power to such attempts at decolonizing young minds.

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