13-year-old Raped & Murdered in West Bengal – Is Media Hiding Muslim Perpetrator’s Name?

A horrific case of a 13-year-old minor girl being raped and killed has come to light from Bengal. The West Bengal police arrested a man on Sunday for this crime in Bankura’s Lalbandh area.

The incident happened under the jurisdiction of Taldangra Police Station when the girl had gone out to answer nature’s call along with 10-year-old brother on Sunday morning, the police said. The accused, a 19-year-old and resident of the same area, confessed to his crime during interrogation, Bankura SP Sukhendu Hira said.

The man strangulated the girl to death with her dupatta after raping her, the SP said adding, the girl’s brother narrated the incident to the police. The man has been arrested under various sections of the IPC and POCSO Act, he said. The girl’s body has been sent for postmortem examination.

The news feed from PTI regarding this crime has been carried by few national English language news outlets like Indian Express and India Today. But what is striking is that neither PTI, nor any of the other media organizations, has bothered to report the name of the accused who has confessed to the crime.

The PTI report is a mere 121 words – if other newspapers did report this news, it would have most likely been buried in the inside pages as a small column. No one has bothered to talk to the victim’s family, reported their grief, or grilled the West Bengal administration on why such a crime occurred and whether West Bengal’s petty-minded rejection of the centre’s Swaccha Bharat mission is hindering efforts to construct toilets in rural Bengal – exposing girls to risk of such sexual attacks?

HinduPost has learnt from reliable sources that the man arrested for this heinous crime is one Abdul Rauf Khan. If true, the identity of the perpetrator would explain why such a heart-breaking crime has received so little attention from our MSM.

So communalized and selective is our media’s outlook today that any crime where a Muslim/minority is the victim receives disproportionate attention & is used to tar the country as ‘intolerant’, ‘fascist’ and what not, while crimes committed by minorities are swept under the carpet using the false argument that factually reporting such crimes will polarize public opinion against the so-called minorities.

When a Mohammed Akhlak or Pehlu Khan is lynched or a Junaid Khan murdered, it becomes national and international news, but when a 13-year-old is raped and strangled in front of her 10-year-old brother by a Abdul Rauf Khan, or when a 15-year-old Twinkle Shah is raped, murdered and thrown into a coal pit by a Mohammed Aftab Alam, the news is censored for all practical purposes. In the later case, there are no follow up stories, no probing scrutiny of the concerned Government, no rousing editorials on the challenge posed to the ‘Idea of India’.


11 AM, 21/11/17 – While leading Bengali daily Ananda Bazar Patrika has also avoided mentioning the accused’s name, another daily Bartaman Patrika has confirmed the accused’s name as Abdul Rauf Khan.

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