6 year old Hindu girl raped by her Muslim ‘brother’ in Delhi on day of Chhath Puja

A 6-year-old minor Hindu girl was raped in Delhi by a Muslim youth on the day of Chhath puja. The girl’s family had migrated from Bihar for work and considered the accused, who stays close by, as an elder brother to their daughter. 

It has been over a week since this shocking news was first reported, but no mainstream media outlet has thought it worthy enough to report. We could find only 3 outlets that have reported it thus far – BreakingTube, RoyalBulletin, OpIndia.

In a Facebook video, the father of the victim, A. Sharma, is seen saying the perpetrator first spoke to his wife who was putting mehndi about where she would celebrate Chatth. Then he saw the little girl who was trimming her nails with a small scissor. He feigned innocent play by snatching the scissor and running away to his own terrace, and the girl ran after him to get her scissor. Once alone with the girl, the youth clamped her mouth shut and raped her. 

The girl’s father is a native of Chhapra, Bihar and works in Delhi. The poor man is seen to be in tatters, and understandably so. The condition of the girl was said to be critical. He says that there are only one or two Muslim families residing in their neighbourhood. He added that the victim treated the perpetrator like a brother and they were never expecting this to happen.

The victim’s father made it clear that till that time the video was recorded, no media outfit had covered this issue, forget a mass outrage. An Aaj Tak representative visited him but did not record any footage. Till date, this incident remains uncovered by any mainstream media outlet. Such is this value of a poor Hindu girl in this country.

We must recall the media outrage and the viral tweets of Bollywood celebrities and public figures who took to uncontrolled Hindu bashing in the Kathua rape case in which ironically the court lodged an FIR against the members of SIT for coercing and torturing witnesses to give false statements.

This is the truth of ‘Dara hua Muslamaan’ in Bharat, where rape or sexual harassment of Hindu girls and women at the hands of Muslim perpetrators is rife. Here are some other recent instances of rape where minor Hindu girls were targeted –

  • Zahid brutally murdered & possibly also raped 2-year old Tinkle Sharma in Aligarh.
  • A 15-year old Dalit HIndu girl of Ghosia village in Kaushambi district was gang-raped by 3 Muslim men.
  • A 10-year-old Hindu girl was drugged and raped in a Ghaziabad madrasa by a Muslim boy known to her, with the connivance of the madrasa’s maulvi. Muslim supporters of parties like AIMIM, Congress, BSP etc. claimed the victim and accused were ‘in love’ and should be married off.
  • A 7-year-old Hindu girl was abducted, raped and tortured by one Mohammed Irfan in Mandsaur, MP.

What we must realise is rape jihad is a weapon used by fanatics of the ‘minority’ community to destroy the host society in the most damaging way.

The Ajmer rape & blackmail case of 1992 and the Shakti Mills Gang Rape case were part of the same rape jihad operation that is being carried on day in and day out against Hindus. A point to be noted here is very few of these cases get reported, and among them a minute few make it to the mainstream media.

All Hindus must come together and demand strict punishment for the perpetrator of this heinous crime. It’s time we applied the provisions of the newly amended POCSO Act to juveniles as well. A social campaign is also a must to sensitize people on the topic of sexual harassment and to combat the Islamist religious doctrine which makes Muslim boys regard non-Muslim girls as immoral & legitimate targets of sexual violence. 

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