Agniveer and BJP Activist Brutally Assaulted by Jharkhand Police – Garhwa SP Mohd. Arshi Role Alleged

In a shocking case of police brutality, lawyer Ashish Dubey was illegally detained and thrashed by Jharkhand police, leading to such severe injuries that he had to be referred to the capital Ranchi for treatment.

Advocate Ashish is an activist with the Dharmic organization Agniveer and also a prominent BJP worker. Aginveer has been doing yeoman work in raising Hindu consciousness and working on the ground to inject renewed spiritual energy into Hindu society. We spoke to the Agniveer team to understand what transpired and why they believe this assault on Ashish was planned by Garwha SP (Superintendent of Police) Mohammed Arshi.

  • Around 2 months back, A Dalit woman, Chanda Devi, working as a para legal volunteer in Garhwa District Court was sexually harassed by sub-judge Naeem Ansari who wanted her to convert to Islam and marry  him. When Chanda Devi first raised a complaint, the judge got her arrested in a false case and the lady had claimed that the SP was in cahoots with the judge. It was only when she shared phone audio recordings of Ansari’s obscene calls to her with authorities & they were leaked and went viral, did the Jharkhand High Court finally suspend Naeem Ansari.
  • Advocate Ashish Dubey and the Agniveer team had played a prominent role in providing legal assistance to Chanda Devi – at a time when her matter was getting buried in the system, they had escalated it by writing to NHRC, PMO etc. They had also highlighted the SP’s dubious role in the whole matter.
  • That SP, who Chanda Devi had alleged was involved in lodging a false case against her, is Mohammed Arshi (IPS). Ever since Agniveer had played a part in exposing his alleged role in the Chanda Devi matter, the officer nursed a grudge agains them.
  • On 30 April, Ashish was passing by a road in Palamu (a district neighbouring Garhwa) which was in a very bad condition. So he got down to take some photos to highlight the state of disrepair. He noticed police vehicles too were stuck in the traffic, and clicked a few photos of the same. Apparently, SP Arshi was seated in one of the vehicles and immediately ordered his staff to snatch Ashish’s mobile and take him into custody – there was no warrant, neither was Ashish told why he was being detained.
  • In illegal custody, Ashish was brutally thrashed and pressurised to sign a fake statement that he is involved in engineering communal tension and riots in the state.
  • It was only when fellow lawyers & the Agniveer team mounted a strong protest, that Ashish was released by police and taken for treatment.
Injuries suffered by Advocate Ashish Dubey

Agniveer had also organized a series of candle-light marches and protests against Love Jihad in Jharkhand in the wake of the horrific Kiran Kumari case – Kiran was gang-raped and then murdered by her husband and in-laws after she refused to convert to Islam post her marriage with Aadil Ansari. They believe this has also upset the Islamist lobby which has penetrated deep into the state’s administrative machinery.

HinduPost has also been closely following the brutal gang-rape and murder of a 15-year-old Hindu girl by 3 Muslim brothers in Feb this year – there too, police is going slow in the case and are yet to arrest one accused, and the victim’s family & local Hindu activists allege that the investigating officer is siding with the accused’s family.

A lot of common citizens have come forward to express their shock at the treatment meted out to a young lawyer and committed social activist like Ashish Dubey – many are tweeting/posting with the #Justice4Ashish hashtag. There is growing realization that such atrocities against Hindus are swept under the carpet in the name of ‘maintaining communal harmony’, whereas even legitimate police action against radicals from the minority community become the subject of national outrage and endless litigation.

It is high time that the BJP Government in Jharkhand led by CM Raghubar Das took cognisance of the growing ground-swell of dissatisfaction with the law & order situation in the state, and order an independent enquiry into this case and SP Mohammed Arshi’s role in particular.

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